Redemption of the Beast

Amylea Lyn
Redemption of the Beast
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Silver Publishing
Release Date
March 2013

Micah Sanders has been in love with the Warrior, Sashan, since he was a boy. But the strong, quiet Katrian shies away from him, making Micah believe his weak body and childhood illnesses are keeping them apart.

Sashan is a troubled Katrian who has lost his way. Emotionally scarred, he hides from the world and the one man who could complete him, feeling unworthy of his mate.

When Micah is kidnapped, will Sashan find the strength to rescue his mate, discover what the City plans next for the Katrian people, and learn who the monstrous traitor is behind all their troubles? Most importantly, will a seemingly unworthy Beast finally find the redemption he seeks in the arms of his love?

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Mar 28, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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REDEMPTION OF THE BEAST is Amylea Lyn's third book in the Outside the City series. This is not a standalone book. To understand this book and all of the characters and their relationships, you do need to have read the first and second books.

In this series, you have humans living in a domed city that is barren and devoid of plants or color. Life is controlled by the rules the Founders set down. The Founders are the ones who built the dome and contained the humans. The Outside is the world of plants and color inhabited by various shifters. In the previous books, the dome has been brought down and humans are escaping from the city.

Fifteen years ago, Sashan helped with the rescue of children from the domed city (book 2). One of these rescued children, Micah, is his mate, but Micah and his twin brother Lucas are only six years old. That means a long wait for Sashan until his mate is old enough.

As strong as a warrior that Sashan is and should be, he is haunted by his past and the abuse he was subjected to. Along with doling out a punishment he took on as his duty due to a betrayal by someone in his family, he isn't sure he deserves his mate. And while he's kept watch, he's never approached Micah even after he turned 18 and old enough to claim him. When his mate was kidnapped, he has to step up to the plate and warrior-up to get his mate back.

While I did like this book because I wanted to see how the story continued, I don't think the depth of the characters were up to the standard set in the first two books. Some of this could be the fifteen year lapse in time and how the author dealt with it. Also, the history of Sashan's sexual abuse was handled tastefully as the subject could be but it was still a bit hard to read since there had been no hint of anything other than physical abuse in the other books. I will be interested to see what the author does in the next book.

Warning: People who've been or know of someone who was abused and/or raped by a relative may find such details in this book disturbing.
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