Losing Control

Tina Donahue
Losing Control
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
December 2012
Book 2 of Appointment with Pleasure
Erotic Romance

When it comes to passion, there are no rules…

She wasn't supposed to hunger for him. Tim Bellamy was off-limits to Catherine, a high-priced call girl with an uneasy past. Indulging in his raw desire shouldn't have happened, especially at a District party attended by the nation's elite. Tim doesn't know she works for the agency. If he did… That's not something Catherine wants to confess. Drowning in his strength and heat, aching to see him again, she keeps her secret.

From old wealth, Tim has never met anyone quite like Catherine. Exotic, elegant, earthy, she's the best of all worlds. Their evenings are sensual delights where voyeurism, bondage and a growing bond satisfy carnal needs and stir something deep within…until he stumbles upon the truth.

Shaken by her lies, Tim needs to prove the depth of Catherine's lust and yearning once and for all. For him, their erotic adventure has only begun…

Book Review by SamCrescent
May 27, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LOSING CONTROL is an interesting read.

Catherine was never supposed to meet Tim. She was at the party doing her job, but she couldn't resist one look at him. One look turned to one taste and after that, Catherine would never be the same again.

Being a high-priced call girl was never Catherine's ambition in life but to help the person she loves, she'll do everything, even sell her body for a price. Catherine has been intrigued by Tim ever since she's read the profile the company does on him. But just once, she wants to know what it's like to meet him in the flesh. She never expected for their relationship to go that far or for the fallout when Tim finds out what her job description is.

LOSING CONTROL has all the elements that make it an erotic romance but the story overall is so much more. Catherine is such a strong character. I liked her from the first chapter. She's a strong woman to do what she does. You really get a sense of the conflict inside her. On the one hand, she sleeps with men to get the money to pay for the car of the person she loves, and on the other hand, she struggles to keep part of herself away from it. Her feelings for Tim are real. They're so real to her that she doesn't want to be a high-priced call girl. She wants to tell him the truth but holds herself back because she already knows his opinions on the subject.

When Tim does find out the truth, I hated him. I thought he was a total asshole but the author has a way with characters that make you read on. Catherine is strong but Tim is just as strong. He's afraid of being used and you really get that as the story goes on. Tim fell for the real woman Catherine was but he couldn't be sure, after he found out the truth, if she was the real woman or a show she'd put on.

Tina Donahue is a talented writer. I always get drawn into her stories. The only reason I didn't rate this five stars was because I wanted a bit more at the end. I'm greedy but this book was amazing. I would highly recommend it as it has a great plot, well thought out characters and amazing sex thrown in.
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