Annie Cox


Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
July 2012
BDSM, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

2012 National Leather Association International Writing Award Finalist! John Preston Short Story Award!

At a young age, Muriel is married off to Wall Street billionaire, weapons manufacturer and military strategist, Bernard Leavanthal. Suffering from debilitating agoraphobia, the genius broker lived in virtual seclusion while he trained his young bride in the high art of the Dominatrix. Becoming his most trusted confidant, Muriel lives for forty years in a palatial prison in upstate New York as personal dominatrix to the elusive and eccentric Bernard Leavanthal.

After her husbands death, however, never tasting freedom, Muriel leaves her estate in upstate New York to set out on her own. Now in control of all her late husband's assets, his weapons manufacturing and research laboratories, Muriel goes underground and joins the global war against terrorism. Hiring herself out as a Dominatrix, she begins training soldiers from around the world in the fine art of turning their pain into sheer ecstasy. While training the fiercest and most savvy warriors on the planet; the Dominatrix begins to hand select the best of the best as she builds an army of her own.

In the complex where Muriel lives, a young woman by the name of Tesla has moved in. Unbeknownst to the young woman, however, she had already been selected to join the ranks of Muriel's elite. Lured into Muriel's lair by a handsome, wounded soldier by the name of Will; Tesla soon learns she is no longer in control of her own destiny. At the hands of the master manipulator, Muriel, the predestined introduction to the irresistable soldier will unleash an explosive chain of events that will force Tesla on a perilous journey to the very heights of sexual hell and the pinnacle of ecstasy.
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