Tempting Their Racy Shrink

Tara Rose
Tempting Their Racy Shrink
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Release Date
April 2013
Book 3 of Racy Nights
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Psychologist Julie Carruthers has had secret fantasies of being spanked for most of her adult life, and they've starred Dom Maddox McCree and Detective Sean Brennan. When she becomes involved with both of them, they help her explore her fantasies, and unleash the passionate woman hiding behind her straitlaced image.

Maddox McCree has spent years building up a reputation in Racy, but it's all a sham. He's lonely, and he uses his private dungeon as an excuse to hide from his past. Can Julie help him overcome the hurt and betrayal he can't let go of?

Detective Sean Brennan gave his heart away once and it almost cost him his life. But he can't resist Julie for long, and willingly shares her with Maddox rather than lose her. When his past catches up with him, he might lose Julie forever to a dangerous enemy out for revenge.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Aug 06, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In TEMPTING THEIR RACY SHRINK, we see quiet, isolated psychologist Julie Carruthers explore some fantasies that she's only ever heard others talk about.

As the premiere psychologist in Racy, Julie is well aware of the events and activities of the highly active BDSM community in Racy, but only through the stories of her clients. Through a chance meeting at a friend's birthday party, Julie now has a chance to explore the goings on in this community in person.

Julie has fantasized about the local dungeon owner, Maddox McCree, since they were in school together, so she can't resist his offer of a special tour of his place and one night together. Julie then has an unexpected, and somewhat embarrassing, run in with Detective Sean Brennan, another former schoolmate that has made an appearance or two in Julie's fantasies. Seeing Julie in a new light prompts Sean to act upon some hidden desires of his own, and Julie finds herself unable to resist him either. And while Maddox and Sean used to be really good friends, their recent relationship is cordial at best.

Can the two of them get over their personal issues with each other and focus on the wants and needs of Julie? And can Julie move past her own hard-wired ideals regarding professional behavior to allow herself to explore new possibilities with the two new men in her life?

This story was a lot of fun to read. Julie can be described as nothing other than stuffy and isolated. She has allowed false rumors and a couple of failed sexual experiences to alter the way she sees herself and how she allows others to see her. Julie believes it is safer to keep to herself and is content with her job and her few friends. Reading about her coming out of her shell, or being pulled out of her shell, was so enjoyable. These two strong-willed men now in her life force her to see herself differently--as sexual and beautiful. And if she wants to continue with them, she will have to adjust her way of thinking about many things.

The other truly enjoyable part of this story for me was the relationship between Maddox and Sean. These two characters share this incredible amount of history, good and bad, and they have to deal with that before they can define their relationship with Julie. The open and honest communication between these two strong, dominant men was written so well it was a joy to read. The fact that both of these men had been hurt in the past by people they thought they could love and trust is a joining force for them and for Julie.

This story is another enjoyable and fulfilling read in the Racy Night series. While I find it unimaginable, but hopeful, that a town like this could ever exist, the author does a great job of transporting me there with each and every book.
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