Never Love A Lord

Heather Grothaus
Never Love A Lord
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Release Date
January 2013
Book 3 of The Foxe Sisters Trilogy
Historical fiction, Paranormal Romance

Her future may be in peril, but it will take more than a royal army to be the undoing of a fiery heiress in medieval England. . .
Julian Griffin has vowed to fulfill his mission: to secure the estate of Fallstowe for King Edward. Only one obstacle stands in his way--the beautiful Lady Sybilla Foxe. The King suspects her guilty of treason, and Julian must prove the claims are true. But as the evidence against Sybilla mounts, so does Julian's attraction.

Prepared to fight for her home, Sybilla is fearless--even when King Edward's army descends upon Fallstowe Castle. Yet in Julian she discovers a more formidable foe than she imagined. For he stirs an overwhelming desire in her. And when she is forced to confront the secrets of her family's past, Sybilla must rely on Julian to save her from the King's wrath. But as their feelings for one another deepen, giving in to temptation will put both their lives in danger. . .

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Apr 16, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I've been a fan of Heather Grothaus for some time now, and it would appear that she just keeps getting better. The final book in the Foxe Sisters Trilogy is a thrilling read, with emotionally complex characters and a lush, eerie historic setting. This is not a book that is easily put down or forgotten.

After years of threats and disregarded commands, the showdown between the Foxe family and King Edward has come. The formidable Sybilla Foxe, eldest sister and rumored witch and accused traitor to the crown, stands on the roof of Fallstowe, prepared to fight to the death to defend her home and her people. But before the first arrows can fly, a man arrives who might very well hold the key to saving Sybilla's life—or sealing her fate.

Julian Griffin has fared well in the court of King Edward—after surviving the hell of the Crusades, he has reaped the rewards that his brains and cunning have earned. But no one has ever intrigued him as much as Sybilla. When he is called upon to negotiate with her over the fate of Fallstowe and the charges against her and her family, he leaps at the chance, eager to bring the fiery, mysterious maiden to heel.

But from the moment of their first meeting, it is clear to both Julian and Sybilla that they have met a far more daunting opponent than either anticipated. Their considerable talents of wit and self-defense make them nearly equal, but the desire between them could easily destroy them both. Though he promises to help her in her fight against the King, Julian is hardly prepared to encounter the secrets that lie in Fallstowe's past, and the secrets of the Foxe family. And though she knows he is nothing but trouble, Sybilla cannot help but turn to Julian and find her strength in his undaunted courage. As their desire grows to something far more intense—and far more dangerous—giving into their passion may very well spell their doom, and an end to Fallstowe forever.

Sybilla has always been the remote Foxe sister—always crafty and ruthlessly clever, but emotionally distant and so focused on saving Fallstowe that it was difficult to get past her intimidating exterior. But from the first scene of this book, that façade is stripped away, and we immediately get to the heart of this wild, fiery, incredible woman. Her bravery becomes even more remarkable as her secrets are slowly revealed and we realize what life for Sybilla has truly been like while she has been helping everyone else keep their lives in order. Her intriguing gifts are also explained in some depth, adding a fascinating paranormal twist to the world of the book.

It takes pretty remarkable man to match wits with such a woman, but Julian Griffin is undoubtedly that man. A powerful and talented warrior, he is also wise and wonderfully perceptive—and never for a moment doubts just how unique and marvelous Sybilla truly is. His faith in her was a high point of the book for me, and seeing the magic they created together was an unforgettable experience.

Heather Grothaus is a sensational storyteller. She effortless creates a world that feels accessible and familiar, despite the distance of location and history between the characters and the reader. The heady tension between Sybilla and Julian makes for addictive reading, and her descriptions of the inexplicable powers at work at Fallstowe genuinely unnerving.

Every book in the Foxe Sisters Trilogy has been a genuine treat to read, but this book was something unique. The relationship between Sybilla and Julian is seductive and intense and romantic in the best sense of the word, and the world of the series is complex and eerie and lush, making for a book—and a trilogy—that should not be missed.
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