Virgin Prey

Harper Jewel
Virgin Prey
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Dragon Guild Management & Publishing
Release Date
April 2014
Book 1 of A Seekers Story
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance

Nestled within plain sight of humanity, a race of bird-of-prey shifters dwell. Deeply rooted in their species' heritage and rituals, Aviana Byrde comes of age, and a mate is selected in the way dictated by those very traditions.

Outshining the rest, Andor Malar craves to bond with Aviana. When that secret desire comes true, he cannot get enough of the little shifter.

After a night full of carnal abandon and newly awakened desires, Aviana is kidnapped and held prisoner in the cruelest of ways before the new mates had fully slaked their lust for one another. Will she meet her death before she is able to completely appreciate the depths of true love? Will Andor's fevered search for his new life mate prevail?

Enter, Bertrand Lark, a kind-hearted falconer with a family history he knows nothing about. Will he be able to accept the seemingly far-fetched story he is told when the beautiful vision he's only dreamed about suddenly comes to life? After a shocking twist of fate intervenes, will the unsuspecting trio be able to withstand the upheaval as their world is rocked on it axis or will the shifters and their species simply fade into extinction?

Book Review by Isabelle (reviewer)
Aug 12, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you like your heroines feeling happy, full and loved, look no further. VIRGIN PREY is the perfect ménage read for you.

The most special day of Aviana Byrde's life has finally arrived. She is turning eighteen and she will finally know if it's her destiny to stay within her pack or if she must leave. In her mind, she already has her perfect life arranged, but the real world will prove a bit more bumpy than her dreams.

Andor Malar has patiently waited for Aviana. When his wishes finally become reality, he can't hold his passion inside anymore. After a night in paradise, he wakes up to a cruel fate. He will never stop looking for his true mate, but will he like what he finds?

Bertrand Lark doesn't even know shifters exist. He doesn't know much of his past, but he has always dreamed about his future. Aviana is everything he has always wished for, but her extra baggage is unexpected and too much for a lesser man to take. Will he be able to cope?

I have enjoyed reading this new perspective of the paranormal world of shifters in which the world of birds is explored. The author has given some fresh new concepts to readers of such stories. I'm also very delighted to imagine all that can be explored in the world built by Harper Jewel in this new series.

Even though the age of the female character had a perfect explanation inside the plot, I felt she was a bit young for all the passion presented into the ménage world. Some passionate scenes felt a bit unrealistic to me, which made it difficult for me to truly connect with Aviana's character. I'm looking forward to see her mature in the next books of the series.

I have enjoyed the book while I was reading it, and I'm intrigued to continue the journey of the birds. I'm looking forward to learn more about this "new world" that was created by the author.

If you like your paranormal reads with a bit of spice into it, you should give this promising new series a try!
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