Beyond Redemption

India Masters
Beyond Redemption
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Loose Id
Release Date
October 2012
Erotic Romance

Working for an NGO in a war torn country is a dangerous occupation. All physician Angelique Vernet wants after a long day of saving lives and avoiding getting killed is a cold glass of Grey Goose vodka and a hot man in her bed. She gets both from Mitch Acosta, a hot-blooded Special Forces soldier who's always there in the nick of time, in her bed or on the battlefield.

But Acosta wants more from Angelique than she's willing to give. He'd rather she come to him peacefully but he's not above taking what he wants. In a battle of wills that takes them from Africa to South America, two strong-willed people will fight for one another until the bitter end.

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May 24, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Two people who save lives, one by killing and the other through healing, meet up time after time.

Angelique Vernet is a doctor who saves lives in war-torn countries. As a rich beautiful blonde female, this is a very risky career choice. She's worked in Darfur during the latest atrocities. Human cruelty knows no bounds which Angelique - Angel - sees and experiences first hand. Angel keeps administering to the poor and damaged, despite the threats to her life. She's one of those people who are not only idealistic but force others to live in her world.

One such person is Mitch Acosta who is with the US Special Forces. Over the years, they meet as Mitch is usually in one of the teams sent in to literally save her and the rest of the medical staff's ass.

In the last go around, they spend a bit of time for a fuckfest downtime. It is said that life-threatening situations tend to spark the basic instincts of humans to reconnect with life-creating actions. In this case, the sex doesn't result in new life, but it does help Angel from crashing over the edge of despair. Ms. Masters does a very good job of showcasing the trials and tribulations of doctors working in countries run by tyrants and drug lords. It's not pretty and she doesn't even scratch the surface of the atrocities committed against women and children.

Reading about how thugs treat the common populace really brings the question: are these people beyond redemption? Would it be better for all to just wipe out these places completely? The general population is starving and dying a slow death. The drug trafficking, human slavery and other equally heinous crimes corrupt an entire nation. Would it not be better for all to wipe it all out and start from scratch? This philosophy is starting to gain more merit as new crimes against humanity come to light. This story tries to offer a counter perspective through NGO efforts and US military operations.

While this tale does involve smexy rough sex, the violence in the rest of the story overwhelms and leaves the reader aroused with anger rather than lust. It's almost as if this is a political commentary rather than an erotic romance novel. Yet, this is also a good thing because using an easily relatable media format to present ideas and news otherwise suppressed in the mass media will help get the word out. There are people suffering all over the world. When will enough be enough and our civilization become beyond redemption? And when is it okay to work with the evil side if the ends will justify it?

For Angel the ends will never justify the means and this is the crux of her issue with Mitch. Mitch's latest assignment takes him right back to Angel, this time in Ecuador and on opposite sides. Their relationships heats up as Mitch forces Angel to be his hot little sexy bitch on the side. Their passion ignites with the guilty dubious consensual sex.

This thought-provoking book is recommended for kinky readers who aren't afraid of real life darkness.
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