Testing Their Love

Starla Kaye
Testing Their Love

Black Velvet Seductions
Release Date
April 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Grayson and Belinda Jo have a good marriage except that Grayson's expectations for her are in conflict with her own need for fulfillment. Grayson wants her to sit on the boards of a half dozen charities. BJ wants to teach exercise classes for the elderly.
When a serious exercise related injury leads Grayson to insist she give up her job as a personal trainer, BJ begins to compensate for the frustration, anger, and tension she feels by joining the Y and exercising on the sly.
Even as she's held captive by the need to exercise more and more to deal with the increasing tension she feels in her marriage, BJ knows there will be a day of reckoning.
She knows Grayson believes in domestic discipline. What she doesn't know is how he will react when she tells him she intends to resign from the boards he wants her to sit on.


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