At Her Beck and Call

Mistress Benay
At Her Beck and Call

CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Release Date
January 2013
Book 1 of Female Domination Series
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, New Adult

Mistress Benay is a Professional Dominatrix from Colorado who has decided to write a journal about her work in Female Domination and Male Servitude. In this her first book, she details how she decided to search for a man, outside of her professional practice who she could groom as her personal slave. Her journal documents how she found a man via the internet and the steps she took to convert him into first her slave, then her soul mate, and eventually her husband. Her easy to read pictorial journal is a great "how to" for women who want to take control of their relationships and become either the "Mistress of their Marriage" or the Dominant Partner in a Relationship. The big bonus you receive in this book is that Mistress Benay has included many actual pictures documenting the journey of bringing her new found love to the eventual goal of being her slave for life. If there is a male out there who wishes that his partner would take control of their relationship, he needs to give her a copy of this book. Likewise, any Female who wishes to take control of her man, needs to read this journal by Mistress Benay which will provide her with a detailed road map which will lead to Female Domination in her Relationship.


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