Lost and Found

Nicolette Grey
Lost and Found
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Hot Ink Press
Release Date
March 2013
Erotic Romance


Life comes with its share of losses. In these four novelettes of erotic romance by Nicolette Grey it takes on different forms.

"Moving Violations" deals with the loss of freedom and a special dream. "Lost Canyon" begins with the death of a beloved family member in a harsh and foreign environment. In "Time and a Half…Plus Benefits", the heroine must learn to cope with her low sense of self-esteem after a failed relationship, and "Windswept Beach" portrays a crumbling marriage with the hurts and frustrations that accompany it.

Although each story in this book is unique, they all share the same initial undercurrent of loss as well as the "founding" aspect that brings their heroines through their trials, intact and stronger - love.

LOST & FOUND …the losses we endure with the happy endings we strive for, from Nicolette Grey and Hot Ink Press - because love should never be boring!

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Aug 01, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LOST AND FOUND is a collection of erotic novelettes about love being found in unexpected ways and places.

"Moving Violations" was a fun and very hot story about lies, deceit, double crosses, and just being naughty. This is a story about the girl who everyone thinks is stupid and can be taken advantage of, but who turns out to be smart and manipulative. The main character has a story to tell that made me feel many things for her--sad, irritated, sorry, and admiring. While I wouldn't classify the characters in this story as good people, they were fun to read about.

"Lost Canyon" takes us back to the days of cowboys and Indians and small town salons that doubled as whore houses. This is the story of a young, naïve girl who ends up on her own in a place she doesn't know with people she's not sure she can trust. She comes to discover that there are both good and bad people in the world, and you can't always tell which is which. This was a sweet story about justice for wrong deeds and finding true love.

"Time and a Half...Plus Benefits" shows us that broken hearts can be mended and that sexual attraction doesn't always, but sometimes can, lead to love. The main character in this story has a hot one night encounter with a close friend when her ex-boyfriend breaks her heart. While the friend would like more, it doesn't happen. Then she decides to distract herself from her hurt with two hunky strangers that are passing through town, who both turn out to be pretty special.

"Windswept Beach" was my favorite of the stories in this book. A couple is forced into going on their annual vacation with their best friends because they haven't built up the courage to tell their best friends they are separating. When the news is shared, the best friends have some unique and surprising suggestions for ways that their relationship might be put back together. This story was fun, honest, and hot!

This was a great book. Very enjoyable.
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