The Bride's Gambit

Sandra Sookoo
The Bride's Gambit
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New Independence Books
Release Date
December 2012
Book 2 of Scandal in Surrey
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

She wants a dashing, courageous man…Vanessa Underhill is on the run from her fifth would-be groom. She doesn't care for any of the men her father has picked--none engaged her mentally or physically. Hunger for a man who will stir her imagination fires her virginal fantasies.

He wants understanding… When he's bored with his role as Viscount Blackpool, Collin Northington becomes a highwayman to gain anonymity and solace. With his face scarred fulfilling his military duty in India, he hides behind the brigand mask and persona. What he really desires is a woman who will look beyond outward appearances and take a chance.

If only for one night… In lieu of payment, Collin kidnaps Vanessa from the northern-bound stage. The more time they spend together—and in each other's arms—the more they find they have in common beyond heated desire. When Collin delivers an impromptu marriage proposal, Vanessa unmasks more than his scarred face, but will his true identity and her penchant for fleeing grooms ruin what could very well be love?

Opportunity threw them together but circumstances might tear them apart.

Book Review by Mary Chen (reviewer)
May 07, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE BRIDE'S GAMBIT is quite a delightful erotic novella, starring a heroine who has an unfortunate penchant for leaving grooms at the altar, and a hero who likes to play highwayman.

Viscount Blackpool, Collin Northington, masquerades as a highwayman to escape boredom and take revenge for his emotional wounds. Upon returning from war, his scars frighten people away, so in turn he takes perverse pleasure in instilling real fear in them. That said, Collin is not an evil man, merely someone who lacks warmth and comfort in his life. He gets the bargain of his life when the impetuous Vanessa Underhill, running away from her fifth wedding, agrees to become his captive and student in seduction.

Initially, Vanessa was a bundle of contrariness, and Collin one of twisted hypocrisy. Vanessa, while lauding her intelligence, complains of the stupidity in her bridegrooms, to only behave foolishly when she runs away and leaves the fifth groom at the altar. Collin also indulges in foolish thinking, as he becomes a highwayman for the sake of proving his masculinity to the world, out of some twisted sense of revenge.

Thankfully, through the course of this novella, Vanessa matures and develops love for Collin, and Collin finally forgave the world for his true love. The character development is nicely done and with great fanfare, and coupled with the intense heat of this story, THE BRIDE'S GAMBIT makes for a short and entertaining read, a great diversion for any afternoon or night.
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