Required Surrender

Riley Murphy
Required Surrender
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
February 2013
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Josephine needs a Dom to Top her if she's going to conquer her issues with men. But when Ted, the frenemy she's chosen, refuses, Jo needs to take drastic measures. She goes to his resort to find another candidate. Unfortunately, that plan's a bust.

Headstrong Jo is a Dom's worst nightmare. So when Ted discovers that a newbie has signed the "Full Monty" release form-an occurrence that has the resident sadists circling-he knows it's Jo.

What's a Dom to do? After he thanks her for giving him carte blanche, he hauls her ass up to the rodeo room for a ride. A ride that rapidly becomes a trip of epic proportions with kinky detours galore until they hit a fork in the road. One avenue leads to Jo's prized independence and the other leads home to Ted. Now, Jo must decide between the two.

Book Review by Lisa - True Story Book Blog (reviewer)
Jul 07, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"I know Princess, I know" "Bruised Apple" "Dragon" "Mera pyar"

When I do my review, I always add in a line that sticks with me that really brings out the essence of it when I say how many kisses (i.e. – stars) I give it. For me, it's also a slight reminder of why I gave it that rating. I had a REALLY hard time with this one and that has never happened to me before. So in this case, I can't make up my mind. I refuse to and so I channel the heroine in this story (Josephine) and I'm going to be stubborn and use as many as I darn well please. :-P So there.

I'm glad, and frustrated and excited and aggravated all at the same time, but I guess that sums up a lot of my feelings for the book in general. It just bored into my mind so deep. I really really enjoyed this book.

This latest stunt was a clear indication that he'd been right all along about her. She was trouble with a capital T. Only for you, because you want her. Bad. Fuck.

Josephine Nehr needs to be Topped. Bad. She's a woman with a horrendous past and having a Dom/sub relationship is what she needs. It's what she craves. Ted Basel is the Dom for her. There is no other man that can Top her. Believe me, they've tried. But he's dead set against it…until he can't fight it any longer. She needs him and he doesn't even realize how bad he needs her. Limits are set, boundaries are pushed, but who will come through in the end?

The concept had seemed logical and easy enough until she'd fallen in lust with one of the Doms. Ted Basel. Him. The bastard. Suddenly nothing was easy because she was forced to spend time around him. And as for logic? Well, that went out the window the moment she confided her attraction to him to her BF. Before Jo knew it, her friend had decided Ted was the Dom who should Top her. Only he refused. Double bastard.

REQUIRED SURRENDER is actually part of a series. I did not know this until I had already started the book. Did that stop me from enjoying the book? No. Were there parts that I may have understood better if I had? Yes. Did that bother me? Neh…not really. Makes me want to read the other two books ASAP. Big time. There are characters and a few things that come into play that were obviously introduced and talked about in the other books, but not to the level where you can't pick things up and figure out/assume for yourself what is going on.

"Stop analyzing," he whispered in her ear. "Tonight you do what I want. You get what I want to give you. Your needs are mine to control, do you understand?"

The first few pages are a little slow. I try not to judge a book at the start and give it at least 20-30% before I make any decisions. I really didn't have to wait very long at all. There were some phrases that got a little repetitive that kind of started to grate on my nerves (smooth as glass and liquid silk, specifically) but other than that, I really have no complaints. The writing was engaging, I was entranced with the characters and the story.

Jo is a beast – she's S.T.U.B.B.O.R.N! I love my strong-willed girls, because I am one, so I felt I had a kindred spirit in Jo because I could see myself reacting the same way she did. Possibly afraid on the inside of these hardcore Doms but not willing to let it show. Hiding behind a wall for no one else to see the fear, the truth, the reality.

Ted is Captain of the Doms. He's who the Doms look up to and wish they could be like when they grow up. There is no one more perfect for Jo in that respect and she knows it. They have that pull and that connection as much as Ted tries to deny it, and he does.

The heat and hardness brought home just how well he was in a position to control, whether she wanted it or not. But she wanted it. Secretly, she wanted it bad. Pain, pleasure, heaven or hell, his kind of confidence commanded respect so she nodded.

Their relationship goes in stages, she doesn't just become his slave overnight and I appreciated that, but it did break my heart a little. I am a romantic deep down and while their relationship started off a little unconventionally, they were more like a regular couple at first, their bedroom activities aside of course.

There were key factors that led into the progression of how their relationship became one of Master/slave, and while I liked it, it did squeeze my feelers a little. There was a scene with her collar and cuffs that actually made me tear up. They still have that romance, it's just not your ‘mainstream' typical type of romance…but it's what suited them, they were happy which, at the end of the day, is all that matters to me. Whether it suits my personal tastes or not is not the point.

"I can assure you." The tip of his tongue licked the crease and then he leaned back. "There's nothing clean about me. Especially where you're concerned because I intend to be the dirtiest bastard around with you."

I've read BDSM books before. I'm a ‘dirty book whore', and sex books feed a deep dark part of my soul. There are many different ways ways to write a BDSM book, depending on how strong and deep you want that Dom/sub relationship to go, and this was one of the most severe I have ever read and I loved it. Even if you're not into BDSM or domination, there is still a pull into the feelings and the connection between these characters. There's a lot of emotions and a certain level of control that goes back and forth between the Dom and sub. I don't know how else to describe it, but it's electric.

By the time Ted parked his ass on the couch at home, he'd already made up his mind. He couldn't let her go, but he should. He wouldn't let her go, but he wanted to. This was like some cosmic joke rearing up to mock him. Because this time he'd pointblank warned his woman not to lie to him and she had. What the fuck?

A happy surprise about this book? It made me laugh. Not gut belly laugh, but it was sarcastic, witty, funny – made me smile. Another reason I think I liked this book so much was because I had no clue what was going to happen. No predictions, no thoughts, I was just reading and going with the flow. The rug was pulled out from underneath me at least twice and there was one point where I was ceremoniously bitch slapped in the face. And I liked it.

Another added factor in spurring me to want to read the first two books was the ‘secondary' characters. While they are not in the book a lot, they left an impact enough for me to remember them and like them. Colin (a girl named Colin, how cool is that?) and Ethan – they're from the first book and they just sound like too much fun. Especially Colin. And then Lacey and David…there's a scene with a chainsaw and a chastity belt – I need more on this scene, I'm hoping their book is the next in the series because they earned it from what I read. Oh and as usual the epilogue was fantastic. Made me grin like a goofy 13 year old girl over Justin Beiber.

"When someone gives you a gift, they shouldn't have control over how or when you use it. They shouldn't be able to take it back because it's yours irrevocably. The difference between a D/s relationship and the one we will be entering in together is simple. The moment you sign those pages you will have consented to surrender to me your will, control and decisions. That's the only choice for you to make because the rest of the choices are then all mine. You can't take back your gift, because in this case?" He patted the pages. "It would be no better than stealing as that gift is now mine and in my possession. It is my property to use and enjoy at my discretion. You have no claim to it."

A clear sign that I love a book is when I highlight the crap out of it. I had problems picking my quotes for this and I'm struggling to control my ‘Jo tendencies' to say screw it again and post all the quotes I want to, but I won't. I was open for the norm when I picked this book and was more than pleasantly surprised with what I got. I can honestly say I am totally on board with Ms Murphy and her writing style. Count me in for any more of this series 'cause if the first book I read knocks my socks off this much, it can only get better from here.
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