Prophecy of the Guardian

Prophecy of the Guardian
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Whiskey Creek Press
Release Date
December 2010
Book 1 of Guardian of the Seventh Realm
Action/Adventure Romance, Alternate Universe, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ

The Second Great War between the Light and the Dark has begun, and Abaddon the Demon Lord is searching for the four ancient Wizard Crystals of the Elements. Once the crystals are in his hands, and corrupted to evil, he will destroy the forces of Light upon the earth, and transform the world into eternal darkness.

But Darshun Luthais, one of the last Nasharin warriors, along with a few companions, set out on a quest to find the crystals first. Along the journey they encounter giant six-legged serpents, the ruthless Cullach, and other entities of darkness; yet the most challenging obstacle is Darshun's constant struggle against temptations of evil, and his vow to hold to the faith of all who are calling him the Guardian - the prophesied warrior who will bring down the Demon Lord.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
May 17, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This book's richly built, finely detailed fantasy world and its cast of characters brought to my mind the epic worlds of The Lord of the Rings books or the Star Wars movies. If you are a lover of epic fantasy series, this book must be on your read list. It is a timeless tale of good versus evil.

In this story we have Light versus Dark, Wizards, magic and bizarre creature all living here. The cast of characters is wild and diverse. Boar faced Cullachs, Elves, Sorcerers and so many more.

Following a battle that killed their King, one of the few returning soldiers, Mirabel Luthais, takes over as leader telling the Loreladians that their new home is in danger from the Cullach and that they need to travel to a new land. That he will lead them on this journey.

Mirabel is a Nasharin, and he believes there are only a handful of his kind left in his world, until he senses another. So begins his search for and finding of a baby named Darshun. He is Nasharin and he is the Guardian, and book one follows his growing up and training. Darshun is one of those characters that you love, hate and want to yell at, but at the same time hug.

The book started slowly but it wasn't very long before I was pulled into the battle of Light and Dark Forces and the search for the Elemental Crystals of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. There are a few mildly erotic elements in this book which I found enriched this tale. Since this is book one and was so well written, I am looking forward to the next book and seeing where this author takes us next.
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