Boys Next Door

Sommer Marsden
Boys Next Door
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Release Date
September 2012
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more


Never in her hottest dreams did Farrell McGee expect a move to Tower Terrace to be such an erotic roller coaster ride. Indulge in another hot story from Mischief.

‘Good luck getting your key. I'm the middle house across the road should you need anything. At all,' he said. The tone, the words, the accent on the anything. Oh god, he was one of those men. Men who had tons of self assurance and sexual prowess and total faith in their bedroom abilities. Those men were dangerous.'

Starting over at twenty eight, Farrell McGee discovers sleepy Tower Terrace teeming with handsome men. Well, maybe not teeming, but three heart-stopping men do live across the road from her.

Despite feeling she's fallen backwards into a fairytale, complete with a big stone tower, a local legend and missing love letters, it becomes clear that all three of her neighbours have a sensual grip on her. She's powerless to choose just one, and just as powerless to get them out of her head or her bed. Deke, the devilish good boy who's superb at being bad. Coop, so often annoying in his gruffness, but oh so dominant where it counts. And Stephen the pretty, sweet, slightly submissive one. Her sex life has never been so good and her heart never so torn. She needs to choose one man, when she's not ready to give up any of them. But deep down she knows who she wants.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
May 24, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BOYS NEXT DOOR is a racy story about new beginnings, temptations, and three sexy, challenging next door neighbors.

Farrell moves to her new house in a new town in hopes of starting a new life. Farrell expects some upheaval and challenges and struggles, but what she doesn't expect is to find herself drawn to all three of her sexy neighbors. The three are so very different--from sweet and gentle to harsh and demanding--and yet Farrell finds each of them attractive in their own way. While she tries to make it very clear to each of them that she is not interested in exclusive commitments, feelings start getting hurt and jealousy starts to rear its ugly head.

I really enjoyed many elements of this story. The secondary storyline of hidden love was poignant, although too briefly a part of the story. The three men and their varying personalities were fantastic. I did not, however, feel a strong connection with the heroine. While I did appreciate the honesty with which she approached her relationships, I just did not see a depth to her relationship development. Her emotions were very honestly written--her guilt, her attraction, her uncertainty of her future--but I would have liked to see more than just desire in her interactions with her neighbors.

I thought the ending was unexpected, sweet, hot, and very enjoyable. Although I felt overwhelmed at times with the references to fairy tales and Freud, Farrell's journey of self-discovery was a pleasure to read.
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