Fire in the Desert

Lydia Nyx
Fire in the Desert
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Noble Romance Publishing
Release Date
September 2010
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Garrett Thomas is one of the world's leading cryptozoologists. When he gets a tip a dragon—the holy grail of his field—has been spotted in the Sahara desert, he jumps at the chance to locate and document this elusive creature. As further incentive, his old college friend—and lover—Keegan Richards, is currently on an archeological dig in Egypt. Keegan possesses a powerful supernatural ability called the Mystic. When Garrett sees his old flame after a year of separation, he finds not only has Keegan's power increased so he has full command of the element of fire but he's grown a thousand times more beautiful and exotic.

After Garrett has a strange and erotic dream about him, Keegan inexplicably grows cold and tries to send Garrett home with his mission unfulfilled. Garrett stays in Egypt, however, and when he finally enters the dragon's lair, he finds what he's looking for—but not the way he expected.

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Nov 19, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Fire in the Desert by Lydia Nyx incorporates all of the elements that make for a fantastic read. What makes this more impressive is that she is able to do so in very few pages. I was immediately drawn in from the first page and remained enticed until I finsihed.

Garrett Thomas is a cryptozoologist who has heard of an actual dragon located in Egypt. Begging for funds from eccentric millionaires, finding this dragon could be just what he needs to cut through the red tape and get back to the funding sources that will allow him to continue his work.

Keegan Richards was Garrett's college lover and a Mystic, possessing the power to manipulate the element of fire. When Garrett goes to Egypt and connects with Keegan, the reunion does not go as expected.

Rather than welcoming him with open arms, Keekan is cold and distant, sending him away. Deciding not to go, Garrett searches for the dragon and finds something he had never anticipated.

Fire in the Desert by Lydia Nyx was a clever story which managed to incorporate a great deal in few words. She created two dynamic and believable characters, introduced a conflict which was not only plot-driven, but also centered around the love interest of the two main characters, and incorporated some hot, edgy sex.

I highly recommend as a smart, steamy, and interesting read.
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