Down on the Boardwalk

Suzanne Rock
Down on the Boardwalk
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Loose Id
Release Date
August 2010
Book 2 of The Kyron Wolf Pack
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Gwen's psychic abilities first make her an outsider among the werewolves. Then they make her a slave. Forced to use her power to help a deranged werewolf seek vengeance, she gives up on her dream of ever being accepted and loved. That is, until Nico and Tony are thrown into her cell. Her attraction to the Kyron Pack brothers is immediate and overwhelming. As she submits to the physical attraction, old wounds heal and her powers strengthen. The brothers think she can save them, but to do so would require more than just physical intimacy, and would reveal a secret too dark and horrifying to share.

When Nico and Tony use their lust to help their battered mate, buried memories rise to the surface, and jealousy threatens to destroy the fragile wolf in their care. As each of them bonds to Gwen, they begin to withdraw from each other. Now they must heal their inner scars and forgive the past if they ever hope save Gwen and escape the Boardwalk alive.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, menage (m/f/m), violence.

Book Review by Zenith (reviewer)
Nov 23, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This novella is intensely steamy if you are into M/F/M that is deeper than just lovemaking!

Tony and Nico are known to be legendary lovers to the women of Las Vegas. A team of brothers who seduce women together and go on their way to the next woman who will share their bed. They're part of the Kryon wolf pack, a pack whose leader owns a casino in Las Vegas and they have a score to settle with a pack that is based out of a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Upon arriving in New Jersey, the brothers are captured. Tony first, then Nico. Upon being captured, they're thrown into a dungeon underneath the casino where they meet Gwen, a female were who is chained to the wall and kept in the dungeon for unknown purposes. Once Tony meets Gwen, the attraction is like nothing he had ever felt before and it's obvious that they are supposed to be mates.

Tony gets taken away after their captors bring in his brother, Nico. Nico can't talk but he feels the mate heat as well and so it becomes known that Gwen is to be mated to both men. Only problem is she can have visions of the future and she had already seen how this whole situation would end. It's not good for either of the brothers and worse for her as she can't control her moon-rages. Is it possible to change the future? This novel tests that idea.

I was very interested in this novel in the beginning. The opening, being inside of Gwen's mind, you can understand how emotionally wrecked a person who has been kept as a captive for months could be. This story kept my attention well-enough, though I found it very repetitive. Gwen would get upset about the future and either or both of the brothers would soothe her worries until she thought about it again. The emotions are very strong in this novel. Though the fact that the two men are brothers and have no worries sleeping in the same bed to be with the same woman was pretty strange, but if a person doesn't have an issue with that, this novel was steamy and filled to the brim with erotic love scenes. There wasn't much for descriptive scenes as the majority of the story takes place in a dungeon under a casino and there weren't many other characters. Even with that, I could envision the dungeon very easily with the descriptions that the author used. I could also definitely picture the characters that were in the novel easily.

This book is a great read for those who enjoy werewolf paranormal erotic romances as it was highly intense throughout the book, and there's not a moment of downtime at all, with all the excitement, whether it be from danger or passion.
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