Lately of Sauncy

Alp Mortal
Lately of Sauncy

Alp Mortal
Release Date
April 2013

'Lately of Sauncy', Part 2 of 'The Shell and The Granite Pearl' opens with the civil partnership of Mordy and Drew, back on the island at the standing stone. The plan was then to sail around the World but that always seems to be dogged by delays and uncertainty.

When Mordy's journal is published and becomes successful, out-selling Drew's four novels, Drew behaves badly and Mordy leaves. It's Linda who gets them back together.

Mordy's mother dies and he and Drew are back on the island for the funeral. Just at the point of their return to London, they are handed a letter; "we want it back". Who and what? They guess the diamond and some detective work gives them a name, 'Oscar Stubbs' and an address in Paris. They head there to find out more and then the mystery just deepens as Mordred is killed trying to tell them something and now their lives are in danger.

Love is...maybe all you can rely on in the end.


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