Keep It Together

Lissa Matthews
Keep It Together
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Loose Id
Release Date
April 2013
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Jilted bride? Check. Hangover? Check. Shotgun? Double check. Wayward groom's half-brother Colt on her porch the next morning, hat in hand, concern in his sexy blue eyes, and apologies on his full kissable lips? Uh... Check?

That was six months ago. Now, with a job she loves, her heart mended and her pride put back together, the last thing Chrissie expects is that same half-brother standing behind her saying he's got an answer for her. Problem is, she can't seem to remember what she'd said on that long ago day that would warrant a visit from him.

Colt does, and as the CEO of a cookie company, it's his job to pay attention to the details. "Maybe I should have married you instead." She'd been right. He was the brother she should have married and all he has to do is convince her of it with a blend of persistence and seduction.

But their first kiss is hotter than the southern Georgia summer and catches him off guard. She's primed and ready to burn up the sheets and he's not inclined to say no. Will she believe that he won't ever leave her? Maybe. If he brings her cookies...

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Oct 12, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When the groom developed a case of pre-wedding jitters and didn't show, the bride knew deep down that something was wrong, but publicly in front of a church full of guests, she'd stoically kept it together. Receiving an apology the next day from the half-brother of the man she was supposed to have married was unexpected, as was fighting the sudden urge to kiss him senseless and jump him when she barely knew him. For certain an independent Southern woman like her couldn't be in her right mind!

Mayor's daughter Christina Browning got jilted before the entire town of Pembroke, Georgia on her wedding day. Having the groom's half-brother Colt Fisher stop by on his way to the airport the next day to apologize was something Chrissie never saw coming. Ditto hearing the news that Russell, the man she was to have married, took off to Vegas and married a stripper.

Bad news on top of bad news is bound to produce a mixed bag of emotions in a proud Southern woman, but suppressing the need to kiss Colt and have her wicked way with him left Chrissie in turmoil. She'd been about to marry this man's brother! She was hurt and angry. Her contemplation of hot revenge sex with Colt was a shockingly bad idea and best not indulged. She needed a sane way to get over Russell's betrayal, and telling Colt, a man she barely knew, that maybe she should have married him instead showed Chrissie just how torn up she really was inside. But she simply could not and would not break down in front of this sinfully sexy, but well-meaning, man, nor would she set light to the spark of attraction she felt towards him.

It was six months since his half-brother Russ humiliated his fiancée Chrissie at the altar and, after stopping by Chrissie's house to apologize for his brother's actions, Colt hadn't been able to get the voluptuous blonde off his mind. She'd made an impromptu comment that day that maybe she should have married him instead. It was crazy but despite the fact that they knew next to nothing about each other, and the failed but conscious attempts he'd made to distract his thoughts of Chrissie with work and dating, Colt had a gut feeling that Chrissie was his ideal woman and potential wife material.

So, hoping he'd given Chrissie's heart and mind enough time to heal, he headed for Savannah with one goal in mind--putting kindling to that minute spark he'd shared with Chrissie all those months ago. And, interestingly enough, finding Chrissie with a shotgun and employed in shooting holes in her wedding dress didn't deter Colt one bit. After all, getting to know the many facets of Chrissie Browning was the only way to ease his months of restlessness and heated fantasies.

Lissa Matthews has created a very realistic opposites attract romance featuring a strong, confident, no-nonsense Southern heroine who is comfortable in her skin, and a Texas hero whose instincts, charm, depth of understanding, and single-minded determination make for a sultry and tantalizing read.

Colt is a wealthy Houston businessman who lives in a penthouse and has sleek sports car lifestyle, while Chrissie, despite her mother's more traditional expectations, is the quiet, small-town outdoorsy type who drives a pick-up truck and comes from old Southern roots and money. But despite their differences in lifestyle, Colt feels a grounding sense of fulfillment when he's with Chrissie. Yet, he also realizes that, for a woman who knows her way around a firearm, Chrissie is still gun shy about romance. After all, by jilting her, his half-brother Russ had sent Chrissie a clear message that her preferences for a quiet, rural lifestyle wouldn't mesh with those of an urbane man whose profession demanded he keep up appearances in society.

With a plot that immediately grabs, then progresses with laid back dialogue, sizzling attraction, lightly spiced scenes of humor, and in no way vanilla passion, Ms Matthews deftly unveils the depths of Chrissie and Colt while slowly revealing they have more in common than their initial sexual spark. And while I soon realized a determined man like Colt would have his happy ending, knowing the final outcome never detracted from my enjoyment of Colt and Chrissie's journey to happiness.

Warning: Contains erotic scenes of a sexual nature including phone sex, masturbation, and fetishes that some readers may find offensive.
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