In the Pride's Best Interest

Jessica Lee
In the Pride's Best Interest
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Resplendence Publishing
Release Date
March 2013
Book 2 of Ariel Estates
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Eli Novak, lion-shifter and Secretary of Ariel Estates has never been more fulfilled. Or more torn and confused in his life. No male has ever heated his blood or crept into his dreams before. Well, except for one. But that was over long before it ever started. So he's straight, right? He loves women. Always has. So how can this strawberry-blond human male who stumbled onto their land have him questioning everything he ever thought he knew about himself.

Shayne Matthews is lost in the Smokey Mountains when a light in the distance leads the way to what he thinks could be a potential rescue. But it's a decision that ends up landing him in a cell. Inside a world he never knew existed, fear turns to lust and a whirlwind of an adventure that puts him in the middle of a battle for dominance and power.

When the thirst for blood at Ariel Estates rears its ugly head once more, Eli is forced into a triangle of options where there is no right move. He must choose between his best friend, the human who's claimed his heart, and what is in the Pride's best interest.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
May 05, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sometimes it takes getting completely lost, dazed and confused for you to find the best things in life. In this story, Jessica Lee shows that love and a sense of duty don't have to be at odds, that you can make it work to have it all. The journey in this story is at times fun, frustrating and painful, but so worth it watching Eli and Shayne make their way to love.

In book one of this series, we meet Pride Leader Silas Murdock, a lion shifter, and his best friend Eli Novak as a secondary character. While you could read this book and be able to follow the relationships developed in book one, I would recommend reading book one first.

In this book, Eli has been made Secretary and right hand man to Silas. So in Silas's absences to visit his new mate Theo, Eli is in charge and will do whatever he must because the Pride does come first and because not everyone is happy with the new ways that Silas is bringing in. A male mate is bad enough, but another species is so much worse. So when his security team reports a human has trespassed onto the Pride's compound in the woods, Eli feels it's his duty to investigate.

Meanwhile, human Shayne Matthews just wanted to take some time to figure out what he wants to do with his life after major changes in it. Camping and hiking in the woods is just the ticket, until he takes a fall and gets himself lost. Just when he thinks it's all over for him, he sees a light off in the distance. Traveling to the light, he finds a ten foot fence with a road. Roads and streetlights mean people, so taking a chance, he climbs the fence. And get a gun to his face for his trouble. Where the heck is he?

Eli is intrigued by this human, a pull that baffles him since he's never yet had a man in his bed. If he were honest with himself, maybe once a long time ago, when he and Silas where in high school he'd thought about it. Silas wouldn't have said no, but it never happened. And in the best interest of the Pride, as intriguing as Shayne is, nothing can happen. So Eli does his best to forget the little human. When Shayne comes back a second time, it's just that much harder to resist him, but it still has to be done.

Those who can't accept the changes that Silas has brought about want him punished for a killing that was justified as a challenge. But madness has taken hold and any means are to be used. Including kidnapping of the human that has Eli's interest and using him as blackmail. Eli now has to decide how important Shayne is to him and his life.

I loved these characters as much as I did those in the first book. Eli's battle with himself and his need to do his duty, and Shayne's finding out about others living in our world. And I love the way the author seems to be progressing the addition of "other" into the Pride's lives. I also love how she had her characters questioning what is best for all, balanced with what is best them. I can't wait to see who and what are in the next book.
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