Angel Bait

Tricia Skinner
Angel Bait
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Crimson Romance
Release Date
February 2013
Book 1 of Angel Assassins
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

Saved by the angel sent to kill them, four half-angel boys are trained and employed as Heaven's assassins. Jarrid and his nephilim brothers are raised as members of The Eternal Order, and must enforce Heaven's laws by hunting down those who defy the Directorate.

His only shot at freedom is Ascension, but his employers won't permit the ancient ritual. Then Jarrid learns a Renegade angel is in Detroit. Such a high-level take-down is the answer to his prayers - all the leverage he needs to Ascend.

For freedom, Jarrid is willing to do anything to lure his elusive enemy out of hiding.

Even use an innocent woman as bait.

News reporter Ionie Gifford has no clue an angel outlaw wants her dead. She agrees to help Jarrid, the enigmatic nephilim with penetrating silver eyes and a worship-worthy body, but only because he accepts her terms. He's her all-access pass into the city's supernatural underworld where she hopes to locate her mother's killer.

Blindsided by Ionie's beauty and tenacity, Jarrid soon finds the eternity-old glacier around his heart thawing. With duty and desire at war within him, he's forced to make a choice - either save Ionie from the trap he snared and stay chained to Heaven, or allow her to become collateral damage.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Apr 20, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I was hooked from the start.

Ionie Gifford is a reporter for a newspaper. She is smart cunning and a biracial beauty. She is covering a string of murders for a story in her newspaper. Her world consists of humans and others. The others are vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies, angels and etc. She thought she knew all about her world in this futuristic Detroit and only wanted the next big story. When she meets Jarrid, she is not prepared. Jarrid is a Nephilim, a half angel. He takes her breath away.

Her best friend and boss JP is a werewolf with five Great Danes. JP tells her about the half angel wanting to help with the story she is covering. The story is nothing compared to Jarrid. He is a giant of a beautiful man just perfect. He knocks her socks off. She craves him like a starving man does a steak but he seems afraid of her.

Jarrid belongs to The Order and is a virgin.

The Order consists of four Nephilim and one full angel with burned wings. The are heaven's assassins. They have no time for love but this little reporter is so feisty and brave they all care for her. However, Jarrid is in love.

He tries to deny it but it is too strong even for a giant Nephilim. The problem is Jarrid must use her as bait to lure the fallen angel or renegade out of hiding. He is their way back into heaven. He must die but being a full angel and evil, he is very powerful. Jarrid vows to protect his bait never thinking he would fall in love with her.

This is a very different kind of story. I enjoyed the personality of Ionie. She is a hard-nosed reporter with a heart of gold. She tries to be brave and strong and stands her ground. She has the hots for Jarrid right off. He does have feelings for her but he has no clue what to do with them. Ionie has to seduce an angel and it was an interesting scenario.

I loved the plot and the way the book moved. I was pleasantly surprised by several points and turns to this fascinating tale. Jarrid captured my heart and I found myself rooting for Ionie. Their characters were full of personality and flavor. The rest of the Angel Squad: Cain, Tanis, Nesty and Kas all became your friends. The nasty vampire Saul was an evil opponent as well as Beleth the renegade. It was a powerful story. I had not a clue to the ending and I won't spoil it now. Great job!

I give her five stars out of five. I really enjoyed it.
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Book Review by Books Books and More Books (reviewer)
May 06, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Tricia Skinner set the bar ridiculously high with her debut novel, ANGEL BAIT. I even searched under the assumption that she was potentially a seasoned writer publishing under a pseudonym. Her writing style was remarkable. I felt engrossed throughout the entire story mostly due to her ability to generate a varying amount of clarity, pace, and flow – but mainly it was her extraordinary vivid descriptions. The author never broke stride in the story; the character and world development came naturally though dialogue. All of the characters were given equal treatment – with interesting quirks and great dialogue.

Only one suggestion – and you probably have already heard this but, write faster.
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