The Other Woman

Marisa McLean
The Other Woman


Release Date
January 2013
Erotic Romance

Sienna Toscana would never forgive James Gallagher for what he had done to her. He may be a living, breathing, walking, sexual fantasy, but he was married. He had been the one to seduce HER; and like a fool she had fallen hard for him, only to end up pregnant, alone and heart-broken.

The last thing she wanted was for their previous relationship to become public knowledge. In their small town, information like that could ruin their lives, so why the hell was he coming around demanding to forge some kind of paternal relationship with his sons?

She was not interested in getting her heart or her children's hearts broken. She wanted him to stay far away from them. She did not care if he truly was divorcing his wife this time. It was too late for a happy reunion. All she wanted to do was FORGET her past...but would he let her?
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