Hidden or Exposed: A Collection of Lusty Gay Male Tales

Jason Maxwell
Hidden or Exposed: A Collection of Lusty Gay Male Tales
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Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
March 2013

Gay! Simply hearing the word brings up all sorts of images, from an eye for the dramatic to an inimitable sense of style. But who can forget the sex. Gay love-making has become something of an art these days and even more pleasurable, what with familiarity having entered the doors of evolution. This is what makes the act so very enchanting. It touches the borders of romance and raw primal instinct. Such balance brings to homo sex a touch of magic. It's no wonder it's hot!

In this collection of 13 Gay erotica short stories, a debut author by the name of Jason Maxwell decided to dabble in something he loves very much. His passion for the art of gay sex has found him standing in the shallow end of the Erotica Lake.

These 13 tales take place in a real-life setting where actual gay emotions of doubt, like 'is he into me?' or even 'wish he were straight?', pleasure-thoughts, lustful urges and more war in the hearts of the characters playing their natural roles in each story.

What happens when a straight city boy gets lost and meets a farm hand who looks like he leaped out of a magazine cover? What about Josh who feels Greg's friendship isn't what he wants most? When Jake is heading to work and gets embroiled in a rape-like moment, doesn't he look like he's enjoying it instead of the other way round?

Watch the intricate layers unfold as an Indian homeowner and his unusually attractive manservant have a go at the forbidden act. A lot can happen in a train commute, as Hank figures out when he's followed by and loses his virginity lost to a being that doesn't seem human. What happens when one handsome but desperate gay dude summons a demon to take on the likeness of his favorite soap star?

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Aug 01, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I'm not quite sure what to say about this book. Was it a collection of gay lusty male tales? A definite "Yes" to that. There was something in the book to satisfy those who are looking for stories about ethnic differences, people with different backgrounds and different cultural circumstances and settings.

From farm boys to men on trains with fantasies about strangers to rape fantasies and those of servant and master, they are all here in this book to indulge any sexual taste and heat level.

As it's a range of short stories, the scenarios differ, the characters change and they are so diverse it's difficult to really mention any one of them in detail.

I found the stories creatively written with the imagination in the fantasies being created fairly well and certainly leaving nothing to the imagination. It does get a little frustrating when each story seems fixated on the size of the penis and the word "inches" is used ad nauseum to highlight the varying sizes, which detracts a little from the story line.

It's not a book I'd read again personally, but it would certainly have wide appeal to anyone who enjoys an eclectic mix of sex and man on man action, with descriptions a little more purple prose than I'm used to reading.
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