The Witch's Guardian

Elizbeth J Kolodziej
The Witch's Guardian


Third Broom on the Left Press
Release Date
October 2012
Paranormal Romance

Part of the Last Witch Series between book 2 and 3:
It's all business and lust when a sultry demon comes in to town and Macsen Edmunds can't seem to keep his mouth from hitting that preverbal floor. With curves like that he's lucky he hasn't had a heart attack yet! However, his best friend and last witch in world, Faith Scott, is still MIA; making Mac all the more vulnerable for a little extra attention.

When the demon, Serena, asks for his help in a little game of cat and mouse, which involves stealing back a painting she once stole with Trent Callen, the story becomes even more intriguing. Trent? The cat burglar type? Mac can't believe it!

It is one big delicious meal waiting for him to sink his canines in. To top it off, Serena knows all about guardians and offers to show him the ropes if he does this tiny favor for her.

But demons aren't the most trust worthy of the paranormal species. And his heart is already swooning. Can he keep it together? Or will Mac bargain with more than some hurt pride?
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