Highlander Betrayed

Laurin Wittig
Highlander Betrayed
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Montlake Romance
Release Date
August 2013
Book 1 of Guardians of the Targe
Historical Romance

Hidden deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands lies the Highland Targe, an ancient relic guarded for centuries by clan MacAlpin. It is said the Targe can shield the heart of the Highlands from invaders and now, as part of his plan to crush the Scottish rebellion, the English king wants the Targe for himself . . . .
Rowan MacGregor, orphaned niece to the chief of the MacAlpins and the rock her family depends upon, is worried. With the dwindling health of her aunt, the Guardian of the Targe, the protections that have kept the clan safe and prosperous are fading, and the new Guardian, one of her cousins, has yet to be chosen. Rowan wants nothing more than to see the clan protected again, but when it seems that will never happen, she despairs—even when a handsome and charming stranger comes to her aid.

Nicholas fitz Hugh is not what he seems. Half-English, half-Scottish, he turned his back on his Scottish heritage early in his life, giving his loyalty to England instead. Now he is a talented and cunning spy charged with finding and stealing the Highland Targe for his king.

But when Nicholas finds himself falling for the bonny Rowan and wanting to protect the family she holds so dear, he is forced to choose between his king's will and his own: Will he betray his king and his mission? Or will he turn his back on the woman he has come to love?

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Jun 01, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Excitement in the Scottish Highlands!

Nicholas fitz Hugh is an unlikely hero for he is King Edwards' most trusted assassin and spy. He believes in no one but himself and certainly not in love. He is half Scot and the other half is as an English Lord's illegitimate son.

His father beat him and his mother could not stand to look at him for he looked like the man who raped her. He was never loved, so he turns to spying for the king for money and power.

He fought hard for his place by the king and he thinks nothing of killing and stealing for his king. He is sent to steal the Highland Targe, which he believes has no power. He thinks it is just a myth made up by superstitious barbarians. His friend and fellow assassin Archie is to help him gain this relic for his king. He leaves determined to do as his king bids him. He travels to Dunlairig castle in the Scottish Highlands where he heard the McAlpins have this relic.

Rowan McGregor is niece to Elspet McAlpine and cousin to Scotia and Jeanette. She was raised with her cousins after her parents were both killed. Elspet and her husband Kenneth treat her like their own daughters. She was raised accepted and loved.

The eldest daughter Jeanette is supposed to be the new Guardian of the Targe after her mother dies but things don't always go as planned.

Nicholas scouts the castle and sees a tryst by Scotia and a village lad. He watches as Rowan comes to fetch Scotia but Scotia slaps her and a rock slide almost kills them. Nicholas saves them. They do not trust strangers but Nicholas is determined to win them and still do what his king has commanded.

HIGHLANDER BETRAYED is a great love story, complete with betrayal and magic. It was a real page turner. I was lost in the Highlands of Scotland and didn't want to leave.

Rowan was so determined and loyal and innocent. As were her cousins. Nicholas was a different kind of fellow with unbelief and greed in his heart until he sees Rowan.

Even the minor characters in this book were very endearing. I loved Duncan and his practicality. I cared for Uilliam, his bushy eyebrows and his brute strength. All the people of the Highlands were fiercely loyal and smart in this tale.

It was a delight to read this exciting tale. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait 'til I read the next book. I hope the vengeance King Edward seeks doesn't hurt these lovely characters and I yearn to hear more about them.

If you believe in the magic of Scotland, you must read this, too.
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