Cowboy's Challenge

Susan Laine
Cowboy's Challenge
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
May 2013
Book 4 of Cowboys of Snow Lake
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Western Romance

Simon Westfield is the owner of a stud farm in Wyoming. He's recently lost his brother in the army, and has become the guardian of two young children, Dale and Allie. After a while, it's clear he needs help.
Enter Tristan Markham, a professional live-in male nanny, or manny.
Though great with kids, Tristan is as strong-willed as Simon, and their points of view on everything are polar opposites. Where Simon is closeted, reserved, and introverted, Tristan is an out and proud liberal pacifist.
Clashes are inevitable.
But they can't deny their growing attraction, so a deal is struck. Casual sex only. But when things start to go wrong—Simon's mother dying of cancer, the kids' grandparents suing for custody, and Simon being thrust out of the closet—it's time for them to work together, or lose everything they have.
Because despite their differences, they are a family. And families stick together—no matter what.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Jun 01, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I guess we're all a sucker for sexy cowboys and I am certainly no exception.

Simon Westfield is the owner of a stud farm in Wyoming. He's noble, caring and in over his head caring for his late brother's two young children. He's doing his best but this man needs help. Enter the younger, strong-willed and stubborn Tristan Markham, a child care nanny, or 'manny' as he's called. These two men could not be any more different, in outlook, personality and personal views. It causes some antagonism between the two men and leads to some fierce conflict and arguments. But this quickly turns to an overwhelming passion as the reserved and 'in the closet' Simon realizes just how much he has to lose if he loses Tristan.

Tristan, a liberal and out of the closet man, is enamored with the gruff, quiet and sexy Simon and while he struggles to get to grips with Simon's parenting methods and his views on things Tristan disagrees with, the sexual attraction and the need for his cowboy outweigh any reservations he may have.

Susan Laine puts her men into difficult situations, lets them battle it out, have lots of hot make-up sex, and come to grips with the fact that love can indeed conquer all. This book resonates with family trials and tribulations, a tragic death and the knowledge that both men are getting in deeper in their relationship than they ever thought possible.

Her words paint images of a place I can only dream about going one day, a place untouched by time, and her characters are sketched with such skill that you really feel you're getting to know them intimately. Their story jumps off the pages, drawing you into their world, and when you turn the final page, you sigh in both satisfaction and regret. Satisfaction that there is always a happy ever after and regret that the story has finished.

Once again, Susan Laine's story is one you'll want to read and enjoy over and over again.
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