Trusting the Rogue

Danielle Lisle
Trusting the Rogue

Total eBound
Release Date
March 2013
Book 3 of Rogues of Deception
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

Book three in the Rogues of Deception Series

A rogue, who had sought nothing but his own pleasure in life, is now faced with something he never knew he wanted. A family.

Hannah, a recent widow and proud mama to the new Duke of Holsworthy, is confronted with a man who fills her body with yearnings she cannot name. The ache is so foreign to her, as is the desire to be touched by this handsome and charming stranger. Yet reality crushes her vacillation when she learns he is also a member of the exclusive Goodrich Hall—a place where the essence of sex practically drips from its sinful walls!

While this knowledge disgusts her, she finds herself still dreaming of him constantly. The more time she spends with him, the more Hannah sees that he clearly cares for both herself and her son—unlike her late husband, a man who had filled their lives with nothing but pain and suffering.

Does the pleasure he teases Hannah about really exist? Nights filled with nothing but sublime pleasure? The question is, is Hannah brave enough to let go of her prudish ways and find out for herself?


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