The Prince Charming Hoax

Shelley Lieber, Elyse Grant
The Prince Charming Hoax


Visual Impressions Publishing
Release Date
November 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Literary Romance

Leah Gold is a writer pushing fifty and fed up with trying to find a "happily ever after" ending to her personal story. Her real-life experience has been exactly the opposite of a fairy tale. After she gives her love, all her Prince Charming candidates turn into frogs.

The latest love fiasco was the worst one yet. Rather than face the pain of another relationship failure, Leah sequesters herself in the modern-day equivalent of an ivory tower, an oceanfront condo penthouse, to review her journals and determine how she can rewrite the plot of her favorite romance with a happy ending.

Leah is so absorbed in her research that she fails to notice the valiant rescue efforts of an old friend and would-be suitor, Jonathan Lazzaro, the handsome artist she keeps resisting.

Once she thinks she's uncovered the secret to happiness, Leah is determined to save not only herself, but all of womankind, beginning with her BFF, Roxanne Stein, whose latest prince appears to have a less-than-charming secret.

The duo's escape mission takes them on a wild trip from Miami to New York only to discover that like Dorothy, they had the power all along, and there's no place like home.

But have they destroyed their chances for true love with real princes in the process?


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