Ann Ruby
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Fantastic Fiction
Release Date
January 2014
BDSM, Erotic Romance

It begins as a case of mistaken identity. Brenda is escaping into the mountains of Montana for a week of relaxation. Instead, she finds herself naked and pressed against a hard, aroused man, intent on a weekend of sexual domination. When the real submissive walks in on them, he realizes the mistake made at the front desk and is horrified, willing to do whatever he can to make things right. Brenda is intrigued. When she asks him to take her on as a substitute, he is blindsided! Can a weekend that satisfies their deepest desires, both sexually and emotionally, turn into more?

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
May 29, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ann Ruby's tale of strangers meeting and engaging in sexual domination and submission is not for the meek, as this couple sets the pages on fire.

Needing to get away from the burden of responsibility she'd shouldered since her husband's debilitating accident and eventual death from pneumonia, Brenda Rockwell booked a solitary stay in a cabin at a small Montana resort. Finding herself pinned to her bed in the dark cabin by a complete stranger was the stuff of nightmares until she realized there was a mix up in cabins, and Maxwell Turner had simply mistaken her for the woman who was supposed to meet him for a weekend of no holds barred sex. Max is blindsided when Brenda requests that he carry on as planned, but with her as his bedmate.

Having had his own bouts with divorce, single-parenting, cancer, and personal demons, Maxwell feels the need to take back his life, and a weekend of sexually dominating a willing female is all that's on his agenda while he's visiting his family's resort. Brenda is more than ready to allow a stranger to take complete control of her life for a weekend because she's completely worn down from being caregiver to a paraplegic, parenting, sickness, and death.

But a weekend is simply not enough when there's something more than attraction, sexual fulfillment, and orchestrated control developing between Maxwell and Brenda.

The BDSM theme aside, Brenda and Maxwell are really just two people who are trying to redefine their lives after enduring years of pain and personal loss. There is enough characterization of this couple to make their developing relationship believable, but Maxwell's past is not as well-revealed as Brenda's and it makes the trust issues that arise inevitable. While the hero's past is not as murky in the end, I found it difficult to understand Brenda putting so much blind trust in a man she continues to see sporadically but really knows little about.

Still, this is a well-paced and well-edited tale that reads quickly and will have definite appeal for those who like adventurous sexual escapades with happy endings.
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