Fate's Deal

C.R. Moss
Fate's Deal

THP Publishing
Release Date
May 2012
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Fate's Deal is a collection of three erotic stories with aspects of romance, fantasy, paranormal, suspense and time travel.

What would you do if fate gave you a second chance?
~ Lover's Fate ~
At the start of the Las Vegas marathon Jenna bumps into a man from her past and embarks on a life changing journey by just the touch of his hand.
~ Change of Fate ~
Tresa Grauenvoll had the perfect life–that was until she was hanged by her lover, Jurgen, for the crimes of theft and treason. Transformed into the Grim Reaper and exiled to a foreign land, she waits through the centuries for his soul to cross paths with her again so she can exact her revenge.
~ Fateful Decision ~
At the mercy of Lady Tyche and Herr Sehend, Jill, a woman betrayed, is set on a very personal, erotic, paranormal journey. The choices she makes during her travels will determine if the end result of her adventure is good or bad. Either way, Jill is in for the time of her life.

Stories contain Adult Situations and Language and are not suitable for those under 18 or who dislike mature subject matter.


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