Indie Radio 113.9

Saura Underscore
Indie Radio 113.9
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
April 2013

Jacob Timber is hopelessly crushing on very private radio personality Ethan Moore-host of the most famous Indie music radio show on London's 113.9, the Jukebox Hour-but being in love with a voice isn't much different than being alone. Jacob's not even sure the man is gay.

Jacob is so infatuated that all he wants for his birthday is to meet his crush in person-and he gets his wish. With Ethan and Jacob, it's love at first sight.

But do dreams really come true? Despite how he feels in Ethan's arms, Jacob doubts it. He knows he'll never be happy with a man who pretends to love him, only to bring his true girlfriend to public events.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Jun 21, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Love at first sight, a whirling romance, and agonizing heartbreak are what Jacob and Ethan must deal with in INDIE RADIO 113.9.

Jacob swoons over the voice of Ethan Moore every time he listens to his Indie radio show, The Jukebox Hour. Jacob makes a joking and fanciful wish to his best friend on his birthday—he wants Ethan Moore. To Jacob's surprise and delight, Ethan's company is hosting an event at the pub Jacob works at. Jacob realizes Ethan is as sexy as his voice and the two immediately connect with one another. The relationship progresses quickly until Jacob discovers that Ethan may have been lying to him the whole time they were together.

Not able to deal with the lying and heartbreak, Jacob cuts himself off from Ethan completely. He refuses to return Ethan's calls and tells his boss not to let him into the pub. Ethan is begging forgiveness over the airwaves, but will Jacob hear him in time?

For a short story where we don't actually get to see any real relationship development, this book was pretty good. The style of the storytelling is one that I am not accustomed to reading and would not believe that I would enjoy. Typically, I like to see the relationship build and the characters change and develop throughout the storyline. This story has significant gaps in time and then uses memories and flashbacks to fill in the gaps. The reader gets to see none of the relationship development as the author jumps from the two main characters meeting to years later when they've broken up and are dealing with their heartbreak.

Very original storytelling that I enjoyed immensely.
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