Yes, Forever: Part One

Bailey Bradford
Yes, Forever: Part One
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Total-E -Bound
Release Date
March 2013
Book 1 of Serial Story

Just when John Weston thinks he's got it all together, he learns he's really just buried his head in the sand.

John Weston has been using his past behavior as a weapon against himself. He's not wanted to fall back into old habits and ways that nearly destroyed him. That's why he's kept to himself for the past two years.

Little by little, things happen that begin to make him see what he's really doneŚwall himself off in such a way that he no longer knows how to be around people outside of his job and his family.

One man will come along and rattle John's self-imposed cage, and start John on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance he didn't even know he needed. John will have to take risks instead of hide away, and learn that making mistakes doesn't mean he's a lost cause. It simply means he's a man who can feel more than he'd ever thought he could.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Jun 24, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Bravo to Bailey Bradford for bringing the "hidden issues" in this world out into the light. She writes this story with sensitivity and honesty.

John is an average gay man, goes to work, comes home and tries to cope with his bouts of severe and debilitating depression. With medicine and therapy, he thinks he's doing a great job of overcoming his illness. He no longer hits the bars, no longer has the indiscriminate sex. He hasn't dated in two years.

Then he meets Benji, who confuses the heck out of him with his hot and cold attitude, and lack of normal boundaries. He's drawn to Benji, but what does Benji want? John wants more than just sex, but is it so wrong to take what Benji's offered so far?

John starts to realize what he thought was coping wasn't living; he was just going through the motions. That he's isolated himself and maybe it's time to go out and get back to living life.

The characters in this story are very real people. John gives a very good look into the life of someone who is dealing with a mental illness and how it affects all aspects of their lives.

This is a serial novel done in parts, so next for me is part two.
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