Yes, Forever: Part Two

Bailey Bradford
Yes, Forever: Part Two
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Total-E -Bound
Release Date
January 2014
Book 2 of Serial Story

Part Two in the Yes, Forever Serial

Confused, hurt and suddenly attracting more men than he has in years, John's life is beginning to spin out of control.

John hadn't known what he wanted when Benji came over asking if he wanted to get off, but he certainly hadn't wanted things to ends badly like they did.
Now he's got more issues than he knows what to do with, and to make matters worse—or maybe better—John's family has decided his love life, or lack thereof, needs investigating and meddling into.
Benji—he's in John's thoughts too often, but Benji had been clear about not wanting any strings. He couldn't make it any clearer when John sees him in the lobby one morning.
John finds himself having a date with an attractive older man, and trying to let go of thoughts about Benji. Benji sure isn't thinking about him. The odd date ends awkwardly, for John at least, and he realizes he has to start thinking about everything he says he wants, and what he really wants.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Jun 28, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The journey continues with more sensitive insights into the world of depression and the coping mechanisms used just to get through the day. And the question is still being asked, "If you're just coping, can you call that living?"

At the weekly family dinner, John finds that his family really does care and want him to be happy. That even they have questions, and that two years is long enough to put a hold on living and relationships.

In part one, Benji's hot and cold actions along with his lack of personal barriers causes rifts between him and John. And the two of them stay at odds with each other through this book, other than a note from Benji that John finds under his door.

John starts to think that maybe he's over analyzing the situation, that he might be acting a bit sanctimonious over his stance to not have indiscriminate sex. That he was now better and above such behavior, when he realizes that he used that as an excuse to keep himself isolated and not have to deal with emotions. Maybe he should talk to Benji and give the guy a chance. Sex between them doesn't have to be meaningless, as long as they both know the score. That John is looking for the long-term. But then he sees Benji with someone else, and he was being kissed with a tenderness that confuses John.

So John is back to square one—confused. And then a new older neighbor makes a move on him…

Once again Bailey Bradford has made the lives these characters live real. The ups, the downs, or am I having a relapse? I can't wait to read part three and watch the story evolve some more.
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