Yes, Forever: Part 3

Bailey Bradford
Yes, Forever: Part 3
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Release Date
May 2013
Book 3 of Serial Story
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Part Three in the Yes, Forever Serial

From zero to sixty in record time—well, it's really from no man to two in a matter of days, and it's got John's world turned upside down!

Confused and angry, John goes home after an odd encounter with an older man. He's pretty sure he didn't like it, exactly. Maybe. Benji seems to have moved on, and John knows he should too, but he can't stop thinking about the contradictory man.

Finding another note from Benji doesn't help. John knows he's made mistakes, and he's learning that he has been lying to himself for years. Slowly, he realizes there are things he has to admit, and change.

First, though, he has to talk to Benji. John won't have any peace until he and Benji make some sort of peace. If his heart is telling him he truly wants something more, John doesn't see how that can work, not when Benji makes it clear he's interested, but only in a part of John.

But John can't give up, something about Benji calls to him like no one else ever has.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Jun 30, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Introspection and examination, questions and a few answers. These are the next part of John's journey to finding himself and what he wants.

In this part of John's story, we find him still questioning how well he's been coping with life. The farther and deeper he examines his past two years, the more he realizes that he wasn't coping, he was hiding. Hiding from his real self, from life and from relationships.

Part of his coping has been hiding with his best friend Henry, who we meet briefly in part one. When their plans to go see a movie fall through, they decide to go back to John's place for pizza and beer. Their night turns into a conversation of why John acts and does the things he does to stay within a safe zone for him. That what he thought was a careful plan to not fall back into the life he led before was taken by him too far the other way instead. Henry tries to make John see that he needs to have a greater balance. That life should never be all or nothing. That if he stays within his safety zone, he'll never know if he's really learned to cope.

Their conversation lasts all night and through lots of beer. Waking up hung over, John makes the decision that at the least he needs to apologize to Benji for his behavior…

In this third part of the story, Bailey Bradford has added another layer and more depth to her characters, as well as giving even more insight into the world lived by those with severe depression. Now I just need the next part of the story.
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