Michele Zurlo
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Lost Goddess Publishing
Release Date
May 2015
Book 2 of Doms of the FBI
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Keith Rossetti grew up the hard way--fleeing from his older sister's fists and finding addiction at a young age. It's a miracle he was able to make it into the FBI, and he fiercely guards his relationships with a handful of close friends.

When Katrina Legato's brother brought home his Marine buddy all those years ago, she fell head-over-heels in love. Ten years have elapsed, and she hasn't forgotten that toe-curling kiss he gave her for her eighteenth birthday. She knows he's a demanding Dom who doesn't respect his submissives or keep them for long, but if that's all she can have of him, then she'll take it.

When refusing Kat sends her to another Dom, Keith rethinks his decision. He plans to show her exactly why he's not a suitable life partner for anybody. But Kat, one of the only women he's allowed into his heart, isn't what he expected. She's no pushover. She demands more from him than anybody ever has, and he finds himself wanting to be the man she thinks he is.

As she repairs his damaged soul, a stalker targets her. Is it just a coincidence that his mother pops back up in his life and his sister is suddenly calling his office?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jul 01, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Enter the world of true love, where one act of training could lead into a real relationship that will either leave one woman with a broken heart, one man in a death bag or a big happy family.

Katrina "Kat" Legato has been in love with Keith since the moment her brother introduced him to the family. Only, Malcolm warned her that he was broken. She noticed that with the women he brought to events, he would bring them their food, get them something to drink, tell them where to sit, but also they would not speak unless he approved. She thought he was being sweet for thinking about them and their needs, but she was wrong. When she got the nerve to ask him for a favor, he denied her, so she decided to ask someone else to train her. She believed that was the only way to get Keith to take her as his submissive.

Keith Rossetti lived a terrible childhood but he vowed that if his family did not change, then he would move on with his life. He was abused as a child and his parents and his sisters were alcoholics but he also became like them. There were many times that he was drunk but he had learned how to hide it very well, but one day, something happened with a nineteen-year old girl. Maybe kissing his best friend's sister changed his life. He enrolled into the military and after he was done, he joined the FBI. He was able to find a real family with Malcolm and Kat's family, but he had promised his best friend that he would not go near his sister.

When Keith found out that Kat had asked one of his fellow FBI co-workers to train, her he was ready to kill. He was not going to have Kat touched by any other man but him. But Kat had no idea what she was getting herself into. He was a masochist and into pain, but he also claimed to be a sadist. Kat was going to have the ride of her life, and he was going to torture her with pleasure but also push her limits. Then maybe she would see that he was no good for her.

Their situation is complicated when someone from Keith's past is back. Someone has also been stealing Kat's underwear, and the FBI agent that is doing the forensics is hiding important information from Keith, Malcolm and Kat. The threats are getting personal...

RE/PAIRED is an awesome read which gave me some sleepless nights, because it was so hard to put down. I wanted to lose myself in the erotic play between Keith and Kat. The way he caressed her body with the flogger, the way he enveloped her in ropes, the endless orgasms she endured from his hands. The pain/pleasure she was given the endless times that she went into subspace, the hardness/tenderness of his kisses because those kisses expressed the feelings he could not vocalize.

There are some scenes that take place in his dungeon: anal play, spanking, flogging, rope play but everything is safe play and it's consensual. The sex scenes are scorching hot in which you will find your body so hot you could boil. Keith and Kat were perfect for one another. She was feisty, she kept him on his toes, and Keith was trying and for that, he deserved to be happy and in love.

RE/PAIRED is a wonderful BDSM romance story about a Dom who thinks he is not worthy of a woman that he has loved since he saw her. Kat is a woman on a mission to get what she wants but she has her own rules that she would like Keith to obey. Kat was hilarious when she became feisty and she did not let Keith get away with anything. I give her two thumbs up for that.

The storyline is erotic, rich and entertaining. The dialogue is interesting and kept the force of the plot moving along, and I liked that I was able to see their relationship grow and mature into something beautiful. Yes, there wasn't too much about the villains, but I was okay with that since I wanted to know more about Keith and his past and how he was going to open his heart and feel love.

I also loved that I was able to see how Darcy and Malcolm were holding up in their relationship and how her pregnancy was going. I really admired Keith for overcoming his childhood demons and how he was able to open his heart to not only Katrina but to some other characters that needed his help.

I truly recommend this read for anyone willing to read an awesome BDSM romance that will have you wanting more. If you haven't read Re/Bound, the first book in this series, I greatly recommend for you to pick up that one first so you can get the feel for all the characters and also the villains in this story.
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