Siege of Darkness

Siege of Darkness
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Whiskey Creek Press
Release Date
April 2011
Book 2 of Guardian of the Seventh Realm
Action/Adventure Romance, Alternate Universe, Fantasy Romance

Tragedy strikes Zithel, and the city of monks goes up in flames. The Earth-Wizard Mazarian has disappeared, and the army of Asgoth has taken back the Wizard Crystals of the Elements, ready to deliver them into the hands of their master: the Demon Lord Abaddon, where they will be corrupted and used against the very elements they were created to protect, deforming the world to a blackened void.

As Darshun Luthais—the chosen Guardian of earth—emerges from the mystical Shajin Island, having completed his training, ready to combat the forces of evil, he not only finds himself in the center of this chaos, but is also torn in different directions. Part of him longs to obey the wisdom of the Elders by relocating the crystals and fleeing Asgoth, while his Nasharin nature thirsts for battle, eager to take on the many trials that stand in his way, keeping him from what he desires most, challenging Abaddon, the ultimate terror.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Jun 07, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The journey started in The Prophecy of the Guardian continues breathtakingly here in book two of the series. The world building, characters both old and new to the series, their personalities, all grow even greater here.

The author did an amazing job of bridging from book one to book two. You lose nothing in the flow of the story. This is one of those books where the temptation to say "just read it" is there. Because this book is that wonderful, that grand, that epic and a must read for fans of book one. That said, this book is not a stand alone; you must read book one first.

SIEGE OF DARKNESS has twists and surprises that you don't see coming.

Darshun, the Guardian, has now left Shajin Island and his training there. While he's grown up some, he has some of the little boy in him that gets easily distracted. And that causes enough problems that people he's responsible for lose their lives.

The author did a great job of writing Darshun as cocky, but not unlikable. And you get to see how he grows into his training, but he also questions whether or not he wants what destiny has in store for him with the loss he's suffered.

There are new characters added to this story, which enhance it and a filling out of the bad guys from book one, which gives you a better sense of who they are. And as the bad guys grow, the battles between good and evil become grander and more epic. There are betrayals by those they trusted, and new alliances with people originally thought of as enemies. There are questions answered and even more asked. And those will hopefully be answered in the next book, which I now can't wait for.
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