Follow That Dress

Cherrie Mack
Follow That Dress
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
January 2013
Book 1 of Off the Rack
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

A feisty woman and an uptight man find their sexual attraction getting in the way of their business arrangement. When the stories of Pretty Woman and Cinderella collide, the result is a steamy romantic comedy you won't want to end.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
May 28, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A young woman who doesn't believe in happily ever after, and solely focused on the decadent pink-iced cupcake she's holding, collides with an Armani clad older man who questions his worthiness to be loved for himself alone. He's stuffy and pretentious and scathingly refuses to let her pay to clean his suit; she's got a smart mouth, is down to earth, and tells him to his face that he's a dick. For two weeks, she's just what the man needs to change the impression others have about him, and sometimes a girl's just a sucker for a guy with vulnerabilities that money just can't hide.

After an all-around bad day, twenty-five year old Crystal Manfreid was shocked when the uptight stranger she collided with on her lunch hour, and liberally coated with pink icing, shows up unannounced at her door while she's biting into a hunk of raw cookie dough from a tube. When he introduces himself as Robert Salinger, alarm bells ring is Crystal's head. The rude douchebag standing at her front door is the employer she's never met. She'd called him a dick to his face and ruined his suit, so obviously he's here to fire her, right? Wrong. He's got a two-week proposition with strings attached that could help Crystal's younger sister land a job and repay her student loans. All Crystal has to do is agree to be his pretend girlfriend.

Robert Salinger is just thirty-eight, but the few people who genuinely care about him think he's become cold, distant, and inflexible and that he needs to loosen up some. After the woman he fell in love with refused his marriage proposal, he rebounded into a bad marriage that began and ended with lies. Sadly, no one would likely believe the truth about his marriage even if he told them the facts, but he can try and make people think he's embracing a more positive outlook on life if he can just find an independent, intelligent, non-clingy woman to pose as his girlfriend in the two weeks leading up to his family's company charity ball. A bold, tell-it-like-it-is woman that's not part of his uppity social crowd would do nicely. A woman like Crystal Manfreid, who can dish it out as well as she can take it, is just what Robert has in mind.

But there's a burning attraction between the woman from a working class Flushing, Queens family and the high flying executive with multiple addresses and a personal driver. It involves torrid nights, deep personal revelations, and raw emotions that endanger their esoteric little business agreement.

Cherrie Mack has written an absolutely engaging read that contains a perfect balance of laugh-out-loud scenes and moving little moments of truth and honesty between a man and woman who are mismatched in background and age but flawlessly suited to one another in every way. Crystal has the kind of moxie that is admirable in a woman, but the loss of her mother at an early age brought an end to her belief in fairy tale marriages, as her father has never been the same and Crystal was forced to take on adult responsibilities too soon. By contrast, Robert has the best of everything that money could buy, but it couldn't buy him true love or real happiness, so he's become stiff and thoughtless towards the feelings of others. Each of these characters is afraid to get emotionally involved and think they can hold one another at a distance while slaking their sexual needs during the time their agreement is in effect. But their emotions do become involved to the point that fear of commitment could steal away all they've very quickly come to mean to one another.

FOLLOW THAT DRESS is Book 1 in Cherrie Mack's Off The Rack series and I can't wait to read what this author next introduces to follow Robert and Crystal's story. She grabbed my attention and held it with the reciprocal exchange of insults, passion, and vulnerabilities that were exchanged between the hero and heroine throughout this quick 76 page romance. Readers will note there are lots of scenes that involve smirking, so I vote that Ms. Mack take up the use of snarky in her next installment. I love snarky characters, so if the author takes up snarky, she's bound to keep me just as entranced with her next offering.
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