A Tall, Dark Cowboy

Mackenzie McKade
A Tall, Dark Cowboy
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
February 2006
Erotic Romance, Western Romance

Just looking for a good time¦ Waiting tables in a bar full of no-good cowboys isn't Lacy Mason's idea of fun. But between her daughter's illness, endless doctor bills, and her college tuition, she needs the money. What she could really use is a night of no-holds-barred passion and no-strings-attached sex. Too bad she has sworn off cowboys for life¦ A guy walks into a bar¦ Full-time executive and retired cowboy Wyatt Anderson is drawn to Lacy from the moment he sees her. But she's an enigma. Daring and assured one moment and hesitant the next, it's as if something haunts her. Only willing to give him one night, Lacy clings tightly to her secrets. Unfortunately for her, what Wyatt wants, Wyatt gets. And he definitely wants Lacy¦

Book Review by Michelle R
Dec 01, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Whoo Hoo. Five big Yee Haws, ya'll!

If the title doesn't get ya, the story will. Talk about yummy characters! Absolutely delicioso. This story is built on strong characters, some seriously dangerous chemistry, and a lack of communication (because they are too busy pawing each other).

Bar maid Lacy is used to fending off all the advances of her customers, but for the first time she is unable to say no when tall, dark and hubba-hubba Wyatt makes his move. The last thing she should be doing is a cowboy. She's been down that path and has the divorce and unpaid child support bills to prove it. But I'm with Lacy, he's just too much to resist. If you are going to finally break down for a fling, he is the way to go.

Little does she know, that cowboy whom she thinks is just in town for the rodeo is a local boy and a VP at a major corporation—exactly what her heart has dreamed of. Add to it his support and steadfast reliability as Lacy faces her daughter's continued failing health, and Lacy has found the makings of the perfect man if she'd open her eyes and see he's not a one night (oops, I mean two…no three… aw heck, I lost count) stand. This is love being blind (and uncommunicative) in the wrong way.

These are two characters to cheer for with so many twists and surprises your head will spin with glee. I found it to be a happy read and most definitely a hot read. This one works for cowboy lovers and non-cowboy lovers alike. Enjoy!

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