Leather Days

Alex Ironrod
Leather Days
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MLR Press, LLC
Release Date
May 2013
Action/Adventure Romance, BDSM, LGBTQ

Murderous porn king, gay criminal lawyer, sadistic gang of wealthy businessmen - two LAPD detectives face challenges in finding a killer as well as their own leather relationship

A body-builder is found dead - naked, roped, and raped in his Los Angeles apartment. Is it an accident, suicide, or murder? In the fast gay world of television stars, high-priced criminal lawyers, and sadistic wealthy businessmen, two young LAPD detectives try to solve the vicious sex mystery, while facing challenges in their own evolving leather relationship. But their efforts are checked at every stage by an unknown killer, while a leather-sex weekend in New York comes at a high price. Can Mark and Dan track down the murderous kingpin? What price must they pay to find answers to their case and their own desires?

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author,reviewer)
Jul 07, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I would give this book 2.5 stars, and I'll explain a little about why I've rated it as I have. This is the second in this murder mystery series with Mark Farrell and Danny Fortunato.

I really wanted to enjoy this book more. It had everything I love--hot man action, police drama, really interesting characters, BDSM and role play, and a story that really tickled my fancy. I started to read it and found myself getting a little frustrated. The plot itself sounded great--two very macho detectives, Mark and Danny, in a relationship, trying to develop their Dom/sub roles in their private life and work together as Boss and subordinate in the real life of the LAPD. Mark is actually Danny's boss in the police department, while in the privacy of their own homes, Danny is Mark's Dom. It's a true role reversal.

The story is fast paced and interesting. When someone Danny was involved with in a previous case, Tommy, is found murdered in a very nasty way, Danny and Mark are assigned to the case. Soon there's another man involved - Manning Thompson - a charismatic Dom whose life has also been threatened. Mark gets the task of being his 'bodyguard'. I won't go into detail about the relationship between the two men as I don't want to spoil anything. I wasn't keen on this sub plot myself.

I did found one part of the story very unrealistic. There's one scene where the two detectives are questioning Tommy's lover, Will Foster, and in their efforts to find out more about Tommy, Will gives them a blow by blow account of his whole life including a very detailed account of some of his sexual encounters. I thought this was a little overkill and perhaps a little gratuitous. I also occasionally found the dialogue throughout the story a little stilted and awkward, sometimes stereotypical. In parts, the flow seemed forced and I had to force my way through some of the scenes to get to the next part.

However, the sex scenes were hot and very realistic, and I imagine, based on the fact that Alex himself has personal experience in this regard. They were written in such a way that you really got into the action and it was certainly extremely scorching.

All in all, from the perspective of reading about sex and BDSM practice, this book cannot be faulted. However I didn't enjoy the book as much as I wanted to and that for me was a big frustration. Having said that, if you like hot macho (moustached) men, BDSM and graphic sex scenes, a little bit of horse play *winks* and some real man-on-man action and can put the few shortcomings I've mentioned behind you, this could be an entertaining read.
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