A Sensual Account

Jane Gale
A Sensual Account


Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date
April 2013
Book 1 of Sensual Accountant Novella Series
Erotic Romance

Zoe Daniels needs to find a job, fast; rent is coming due. Newly graduated with a fancy accountant degree and the school debt to prove it, Zoe applies to multiple large corporations but experiences nothing but rejection. After a large glass of wine, she opens an email from Lantic Enterprise. Zoe is given the break of a lifetime and only a few short hours to prepare for what could be the most important hour of her life.

After an unusual interview with Derek Case, CEO of Lantic Enterprise— and sexiest man she's ever met— Zoe signs an unconventional employment contract, not realizing Derek is interested in more than just her accounting skills.
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