Heart of Stone

Dee Carney
Heart of Stone
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
November 2010
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Poseidon, god of the sea, knows one thing--Medusa is the woman he intends to claim and he's willing to fight for her.

Unfortunately, it's his fault that she met the goddess Athena's wrath. Worse, when she needed him most, he'd turned tail and run. Now he's back, ready to do whatever it takes to gain her forgiveness and prove to her he's still the man who needs and loves her.

Doesn't mean he has to fight fair…

He's brought his servants--also his lovers--with him. Her pleasure will be their pleasure and he'll prove his love by sharing everything he holds dear. And if things go awry, the men's skill as warriors will be an added boon. It's a solid plan … if she doesn't turn him to stone first.

Warning: M/M/F/M with another M or two thrown in, can't have too many ya'know!

Book Review by Eta
Jan 06, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Dee Carney wrote with light writing style, building the world around the characters gradually. Every character is unique and the plot will leave you breathless. It is really unexpected. How the story goes, you follow the emotions of the charters and you have to feel compassion, happiness and excitement.

In the beautiful world of Greek mythology, the imagination may be released completely, because where the Greek gods are concerned, everything is possible…

Beautiful Medusa has managed to steal the heart of the mighty god Poseidon. Unfortunately, their love was short-lived. After their indiscretion in Athena's temple, the goddess Athena has prepared a vengeance. Her wrath ended with a curse, turning Medusa in to a mythical creature. Medusa was then taken to a remote island to live in solitude. Anyone who gets to her becomes an addition--a stone statue--in her garden.

Poseidon struggled with his emotions. After he left Medusa in the worst possible moment, he was unable to take another woman. The only consolation was his two lovers, Belen and Thanos. Nevertheless, even they were unable to help him to forget her. That is why he decided to return to her, and do everything in his power to make sure she takes him back. He is a god and his powers are endless…

Dee Carney made a nice parallel between gods, mortals and mythic beings. Relations between them, their behavior and conversations, are perfectly incorporated in this story. The respect that Belen and Thanos show to their master Poseidon, but also to his great love Medusa, is perfect. You can feel clearly the hierarchy of rights and behaviors among all the characters.

Poseidon, god of the sea and weather, brother of Hades and Zeus, is one of the most powerful of the gods. His anger is manifested in true weather disasters, rough seas and shipwrecks. Capable of major disasters, Poseidon is also presented as a god of gentle nature. His mistake was to fall in love with a mortal--Medusa. However, the greater mistake was leaving her when she was battling with the curse for which they are both guilty.

In the character of Poseidon, Dee Carney nicely shows the recklessness of the Greek gods, their unawareness to human feelings and needs. Always getting what he wants and behaving the way he wants, Poseidon shows to what limits human emotions are different from the gods'. Even when he is trying to do the right thing, he shows the great gap between humans and gods. He matures as a character at the end of the book--when he starts to balance his pride as a god and his feelings towards Medusa and his lovers.

Medusa has the advantage compared to Poseidon. Even as a mythical being, in the beginning of the story, she was a mortal. This means that she is aware of strong emotions such as human needs, and all the things that make us mortals better than the Greek gods. Poseidon's betrayal and loneliness is very painful for her. Once a happy, satisfied young woman, she was sentenced to complete solitude. That is why she gives herself to Poseidon so easily. In their next encounter, you can feel her emotional struggle: anger and love, loneliness and pride, sadness and happiness… All emotions are beautifully interwoven and embedded in her character.

Belen and Thanos are mortals. Human beings who serve and love Poseidon. Above the love for Poseidon was their mutual love. At first sight, these two characters seem quite different, but they are actually very similar. The difference between them is Thanos's age and hence he has the greater wisdom. The love between them is incomparable even with their love to their master, or to the love between Poseidon and Medusa. A very simple, powerful, true love.

The character whom I singled out as my favorite would be Thanos. Wisdom, which he acquired over the years, and scars--both emotional and physical--made him a stronger personality. While Belen goes almost unnoticed, Thanos's presence in the book is impossible to deny. At some point, he stands out as a being with more soul than Poseidon himself does.

The book was thrilling. Four interesting characters, beautifully described in a perfect world, will brighten your day. The book has it all: very hot sex, intrigue, love, death--everything that will keep your attention until the very end of the book. This story left a strong impression on me and I will definitely read it again.
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