Hard Target

Tibby Armstrong
Hard Target


Tibby Armstrong
Release Date
August 2018
Book 3 of Covert Attractions
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

He knows the way to her heart, but this is one asset she's not about to let him acquire again.

FBI agent Alexandra Valentine's could be Simon Jakes' match made in heaven. If only she weren't the reason his career as a CIA hacker ended in a pile of ash.

When Alex returns after six years, it's with a proposition Simon can't refuse. Work with her or return to prison. Compared to negotiating the powder keg of their relationship, the job should be simple. Take down a criminal organization run by one egomaniacal billionaire and try not to get killed along the way. 

At their darkest hour, each has a decision to make. To trust despite the fog of lies and deception being spun around them, or to fail because a second crack at love proved the hardest and most impenetrable target of all.

* * *

Though the events in this novel occur after those in Sheet Music and Undercover Lover, Hard Target may be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

NOTE: Hart Target is a previously published work, and is not substantially different from the original edition.


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