Hers to Claim

Tory Richards
Hers to Claim
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Tory Richards
Release Date
October 2016
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Young Adult Romance

Lilly has been in love with her brother's best friend Blake for years. She lost her virginity to the oil driller on her eighteenth birthday, only to wake the next morning to find him gone. After he pulled that stunt twice more, she swore never to see or talk to him again. But now he's back for her brother's wedding, and he's as irresistible as she remembers.

Blake thinks Lilly's even sexier than ever. Unable to resist one another, they don't make it out of the airport parking lot before taking up where they left off. As the two rediscover their passion for each other, nothing and nowhere is off-limits!

Book Review by Sugarbeat's Books (reviewer)
Jun 24, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TALK DIRTY TO ME takes being verbal during sex to a new level! This hot little story will steam up your glasses and leave you with a happily ever after. Great little read!

Lilly and Blake have always had an incredible attraction for one another, but after the last time Blake left her, Lilly has vowed not to give in to him ever again! She cringed when she got a call from her brother asking her to pick Blake up at the airport. Blake is coming into town to be her brother's best man at his wedding and her brother is stuck out of town for work. How can she refuse? But how can her brother ask her to put Blake up in their apartment knowing the history between them?

Reluctantly she heads off to the airport, trying to convince herself that she's not going to touch him even as thoughts of him has her becoming aroused. Sure enough, they can't even get out of the airport parking lot without giving in to the white-hot passion between them!

I loved this short little story. The characters were real. The imagery was vivid and the story was rewarding from the beginning to the end. This author does an outstanding job of creating visual images of her characters and writing the story in such a way as to make the reader a voyeur on the action. Despite the shortness of this story, it feels like a full novel. The history of the two main characters' relationship is well outlined so that the reader feels like they are stepping into the middle of the unresolved affair between them. The pace of this book is fast. The action just rushes along, taking the reader for a fast ride of passion!

I highly recommend this book!
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