Primal Instincts

Gabrielle Evans
Primal Instincts
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Siren Publishing, Inc
Release Date
March 2013
Book 10 of Moonlight Breeds
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

He can't cure world hunger, negotiate peace in the Middle East, or even toast bread without burning it. Yet, for some reason, Elder Layke Winters is expected to have all the answers, and it's beyond exhausting. Everything is different with Aspen, though. He's different. For the first time in over a thousand years, he feels free—completely alive. Is it any wonder he's falling fast for the bright-eyed imp?

Aspen never thought someone like Layke could want him, but once they come face-to-face, the elder awakens something wild and primal inside him. Layke is his. He's certain of it, and he's prepared to fight heaven and hell to keep him.

The two have almost nothing in common, though. With the odds stacked against them, and more questions than answers, especially about Aspen's origins, will the pair ever find themselves on the right side of forever?

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Jul 19, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Young or old, love knows no age in this story of a wise old Elder who meets his very young mate. Fate proves she knows what she's doing when mating these two has each finding the balance they need in their lives.

Everyone expects Elder Lyke to always have all the answers and they always treat him with the deference fitting his title. That makes for few friends and even less chance at someone loving him for himself. Until he meets Aspen, who at doesn't see an Elder when he looks at Lyke. He just sees his mate.

When Aspen's mating instincts take over, it starts changes in him that are unexpected. He starts showing signs of several different types of paranormal beings. If those changes aren't enough to deal with, he goes with Lyke to his home, so that Lyke can wrap up his affairs. There he starts feeling left out, alone and not as loved as before.

The changes happening to his mate are things that Lyke doesn't have answer for. And everything in him is frustrated and wants to do nothing but protect Aspen. So while he's trying to find answers, he keeps putting Aspen's questions off. This leads to misunderstandings and confrontations between the two, with Aspen deciding to take a risk that Lyke isn't comfortable with. When they finally get some answers about Aspen, other questions arise, and no one has any idea where to look for the answers...

Gabrielle Evans has once again taken you into her world of paranormal creatures, making you fall in love with them again. Her characters, whether shifters, fae and other beings, always have a slightly human feel to them. They struggle with all of the same problems that we can relate to. Her writing takes you into the story, letting you visualize the world her characters live in. The little details she writes lets the world become real. I am always looking forward to the next book in this series.
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