Telekinetic Kisses

Shara Lanel
Telekinetic Kisses
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
September 2010
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

This is a re-release

Undercover takes on a whole new meaning south of the border where things turn hot, spicy and deadly in the blink of an eye.

Casey Summer's bad day begins with a limo crash and ends with a pink slip from both her boss and her boyfriend. But in a flash of perfect timing--or suspicious coincidence--winning a raffled trip to Mexico eases the sting.

Agent Parker Nelson is having a bad life. A workaholic with high blood pressure, he finds himself assigned to a bogus babysitting job somewhere in Mexico. But there's a lot Parker doesn't know about his darling charge, like why everyone seems to be after her and why so many things crash or fly when she's around. Her file is marked "need to know" and he's been told he doesn't need to know. In addition, he's to keep her in the dark about his identity as a federal agent.

As his undercover assignment heats up, Parker has to elude not only the bad guys, but his distracting and dangerous desire for Casey. Far from a relaxing respite from his real job, this assignment is turning out to be nothing like what the doctor ordered.

Book Review by Rebecca
Dec 13, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TELEKINETIC KISSES by Shara Lanel is the story of girl versus world, and in this case, not a very bright girl.

Casey Summers is an unemployed, suddenly single New Yorker with telekinetic powers. She's also a walking target, accidents happening all around her, but she doesn't realize it. Casey is naïve which seems in conflict with the premise that she was once held by a government agency and should be more aware of the world in which she exists. For a girl with her powers, it was unbelievable that she could be so clueless. Casey finds herself in situations which she should have been able to handle and yet she couldn't, all on the premise that she's never learned to control her telekinetic powers. Casey shouldn't trust anyone but she appears to trust everyone, not having any instinct on which to follow.

When she wins a vacation to Mexico, I wonder if it's a set up but Casey thinks nothing unusual of it. Though the reader is not told why, we discover that nearly every government in the world is attempting to kidnap her. While the action involved in the kidnappings helped move the story along, there was no suspenseful build up or drama surrounding the story.

Parker Nelson is a Special Agent assigned to protect Casey during her vacation but has been instructed to remain undercover. A workaholic struggling with his fianceé's death and having developed high blood pressure from the stress, his boss sent him on this supposed easy assignment to give him needed rest without forced vacation time. But guarding Casey isn't easy and Parker makes enough errors in her protection that I have to wonder how good an agent he actually is. Her file is marked "need to know", he's been told he doesn't need to know but he appears to accept that too easily. The relationship between Casey and Parker was disjointed, as was the storyline of this book, and though sexual chemistry was inferred, I just didn't feel it. With such a great power, I was hoping for some more explosive sex scenes and was disappointed.

While it seemed the author may have intended this to be a romantic suspense, the balance of action and romance was off-kilter. Intermingled among the continual kidnapping attempts are awkward sex scenes and skeletal dialogue leaving the reader wanting more interaction between Casey and Parker. In fact, I realized quite far into the book that I wasn't clear on what the main characters even looked like. Every time they hit a rhythm, they were interrupted yet again by another spy trying to kidnap Casey.

Telekinetic Kisses never gets off the ground. It had a few redeeming moments but was disjointed and disappointing overall. Secondary characters seemed disconnected, underdeveloped and had little relevance to the plot. Word choice and continual POV shifts mid-scene made the read awkward and frustrating at times. This book just missed the mark for me.
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