Kev Henley
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Release Date
October 2010
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Lena was a promising young Roman, born into a wealthy house. She had loving parents, servants to pamper her, and a fine education with a tutor who spoiled her. That changes the night she meets Erez, a Persian prince. Wicked and clever, he captures both Lena and her tutor, and uses them for his amusement. Lena's life becomes horrific. And then her life becomes something more, something immortal, something powerful and deadly. At the cost of her soul.

Just when she's feeling lost to the ravages of time, she discovers the one thing she never expects, the one thing that rearranges her existence and saves her: love. Yet, even pure love cannot outlast her.

Follow Lena's personal journey through the ages, from a perspective that can only be gifted to the immortal. Her challenges lie with the problems we often take for granted: how to blend in, how to find purpose, how to cling to her humanity.

Book Review by Zenith (reviewer)
Dec 06, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Wow, I'm positive I've found an author to add to my favorite authors list!

This novella had so many interesting situations and the story was so amazing, like nothing I have ever heard of before that it would feel wrong to go into the full details. This is a novella where readers would really need to sit back and read and involve themselves in the story to enjoy.

Lena is an innocent young woman perusing the streets of Rome with her best friend Felicia when they get harassed by a few drunken men looking for the nearest easy score. Erez, Prince of Parthia, steps in to be their savior and escort. Only problem is, he doesn't intend on taking them home. He coerces Felicia into wanting to go back to his villa with intriguing one-liners about immense knowledge and discovery while Lena is very apprehensive. Once there, Erez demonstrates a power that has Lena passing out and Erez taking her limp body down many stone steps to a large room made to look like a bedroom, but it is so dimly lit that Felicia can't make out what lies in any of the shadows. After a confusing experience for both girls, Lena is terrified of what this man is capable of. She fights as he seemingly comes in to kill her, yet he doesn't. Lena believes it is because of her reluctance to be there in the first place or the fact that she was a fighter. Nevertheless, Erez decides to take her in, keeping her from venturing out into the city. At this point, Lena starts to question him. While she wants to hate him, she forms a bond with him in time and Erez teaches her the ways of the ashavan (no real explanation provided, but it seemed they are sorcerers/witches). An example is that Erez is supposed to be hundreds of years old.

In time, Erez notices that Lena continues to age and that is a problem as he wants her to be immortal like he is. At this point he performs a ritual that he had never done before, only heard of, which is supposed to have Lena die and become immortal like him after being wrapped in muddy linens.

My, my, my! This novella was surprisingly amazing. The erotic elements in this erotic novella were used to complement the story, unlike other erotic romances that I've read. There were also times where the erotic sense affected the main character in a bad way as well, adding more and more depth to her character and her story. The story had me thinking about so many things, deeply at that. It also held my attention the whole way through, as I read it all in one sitting. Basically I thought this book had it all for my tastes-sensuality, love, danger, fear, strength, discussions, action, etc.

The characters were amazing. Most of the secondary characters had immense depth to them like the main character, though you don't get their pasts as broken down as you get Lena's. I loved the power of this novella as it evoked different emotions within me as I hate some characters, love others, have strange affection for certain characters, and wanted others dead. I also loved the feeling of awe that it engendered in me. The descriptions of the various places are wonderful. Many times during the novella, I felt at peace for the main character as she would experience the nature in the area she was dwelling in at the time.

The main romance in this story totally grabs your heart and wrenches it, because it's one of those "perfect for each other" loves. At least, going by the energy auras, it is. The romance was rather quick, but the reader feels very happy for Lena as her life seemed to be very traumatic and full of turmoil, having to roam the country for fear of being captured with the new belief system that has popped up in one of her several decades long absence from society. That was a lovely treat for me because I love these types of intense intellectual discussions.

This novella was a very new and exciting and a fresh idea to bring into the world of books. I didn't want to stop reading this novella at any point while reading it, and I had such a hard time pulling away from it. In all honesty, I really don't believe that my review gives this novella near enough the credit or praise it deserves. Maybe it's because I don't exactly know how to word the emotions this book made me feel. Perhaps I can just say that this book did much more than give me an enjoyable afternoon of reading relaxation. It gave me much to think about and in a sense moved me. Even hours after reading it, I am still thinking about it and will definitely be reading it again in the near future.

I can't wait for more novellas or novels of enjoyable complexity from Kev Henley!
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