Sharing Their Racy Fantasies

Tara Rose
Sharing Their Racy Fantasies
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Release Date
June 2013
Book 7 of Racy Nights
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

When sassy IT department head Gina Santori becomes submissive to Sergeant Harrison Kelly and councilman Zach Kincaid, keeping the city's computers running is the least of her problems. She and Zach must keep their relationship a secret at work, especially in front of Mayor Bernie Crumb, who has made it his personal vendetta to go after everyone in the Racy BDSM community.

On top of that, someone is setting fires in Racy. As Harrison finally crawls out from the self-imposed hermit-like state he's been living in since his divorce to become one of Gina's Doms, he's shot while chasing down an arson suspect.

Zach Kincaid has had a secret crush on Gina for years, but it isn't until she laughs at one of his cartoon drawings that he looks beneath her cool exterior to find the sexy, passionate woman underneath. But will their relationship survive Bernie, Harrison's gunshot wound, and an arsonist loose on the streets of Racy?

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Aug 07, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A headstrong, self-reliant woman exploring the world of BDSM leads to laughter, confusion, anxiety, and love in SHARING THEIR RACY FANTASIES.

Gina has had a secret crush on her best friend's brother, Harrison, for some time but Harrison hasn't been very social since his divorce. When they find themselves together in tight quarters and Harrison kisses her, Gina is thrilled. What Gina doesn't know is that Harrison would like to know more about being a Dom and explore the BDSM lifestyle. This works for Gina as she has often fantasized about some of the happenings in the world of BDSM.

Gina then finds herself flirting with a co-worker who has been hesitant to act on his crush for her because of some of the rumors he's heard about her. Zach has always thought Gina was beautiful, but he found her cold and unapproachable. That was until she caught him drawing cartoons of their boss and they shared a laugh. Now Zach wants to explore a relationship with Gina, but Gina does not know that Zach is a Dom. When Harrison asks Zach for some guidance and training on how to be a Dom, Zach sees an opportunity to explore some of his own desires.

This is by far my favorite in the Racy Nights series so far (I have 3 more to go)! I enjoyed the plot, but loved the characters. Gina is curious about the BDSM lifestyle, and she enjoys the play with Harrison and Zach, but she wants a rule book! Gina is organized and orderly and is not comfortable with Zach's "learn as you go" philosophy. And she's not sure she can give up her independence to be a sub to, not one, but two men. The conversations Gina and Zach have about defining their roles and their relationship were funny and sweet and honest. The best part is that Harrison is learning right along with her.

Harrison has just as many questions, although not as many hesitations, about the lifestyle. Harrison's hesitations present themselves in the form of jealously, thanks to a cheating ex-wife. So Gina is struggling to understand that being a sub doesn't mean losing her independence while Harrison is trying to accept that sharing isn't cheating. And then there's Zach who feels that, because of his position as a councilman, he has to hide his lifestyle for fear of judgment or loss of job. These characters are so sweet and their emotions and insecurities are portrayed perfectly by the author. When the risk of losing each other presents itself, it provides the wake up call all three of them need to admit their feelings and solidify their relationship.

This story was sweet and funny, and again, the cast of supporting characters does a great job of enhancing the entire series.
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