Lord Of Thieves

Ingela F. Hyatt
Lord Of Thieves
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Awe-Struck Publishing
Release Date
October 2010
Historical Romance

She is destined to hang...

Accused of murdering her husband, Lady Merrion de Beaufey is fated for the gallows, when the infamous outlaw--Robyn Hode--rescues her from a deadly hail of arrows. Unable to remember the night her husband died, Merrion races to discover the truth before Robyn realizes he's protecting a murderess. But there is something irresistible about the seductive outlaw... Can she trust him with her darkest secret?

Only he can save her...

Lord Roberte de Montichet has returned to England for one reason--to avenge his father's death, and clear his family name. Disguised as Robyn Hode, he rescues a woman escaping a band of murdering knights, only to discover it is none other than Lady Merrion--the woman who nearly destroyed him years earlier. Roberte yearns to succumb to the passion burning between them, but dare he trust her? Or will she betray him yet again?

Book Review by Belinda Boring (author,reviewer)
Dec 09, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I am a HUGE sucker when it comes to historical romance and all it took was one look at the blurb for LORD OF THIEVES to tell me I HAD to read it. The story of Robin Hood and Maid Marion was one I grew up on and I've always been interested in seeing the different ways authors choose to retell it - whether it's an exact rendition or a little creative something has been added. To me, it enhances an already wonderful tale so I was eager to see what kind of spin the author would bring to Lord of Thieves. I have to say, this is by far one of my favorites.

Straight away, I could tell that the author had taken the time to make sure the way she told the story would be authentic. Nothing drives me crazy more than reading a historical piece filled with language that doesn't fit the time because it always feels like I'm kept from fully immersing myself in the story.

The author did a wonderful job using all the appropriate terms and was able to include accurate descriptions that made reading her story effortless. I had no problem understanding what was happening, I could picture each scene vividly and I was able to experience the emotions of the characters without any difficulty. Once I began reading, I found it hard to stop, and even though I knew in the back of my mind where the story would eventually lead me, I found myself eager to get to the next part in the story and see if there was anything new.

I loved the telling of Merrion and Robyn in this story and how after experiencing the despair and grief of believing they had lost each other, in a twist of fate, find themselves together again. Although Merrion has no idea that Robyn is her beloved Roberte and Roberte believes that Merrion has betrayed him, they go through a series of emotions and struggles because they're unsure on whether they could trust each other. I loved the emotions the author brought out in the couple, the turmoil that came with not knowing what was happening with each other and the passion that exploded when Merrion and Robyn finally realized they were given a second chance at love. There was a lot of sighs and tingles throughout the book and I loved that Merrion and Robyn were a perfect fit for each other. The author created great chemistry between them and I appreciated the fact that they were both strong roles.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone and everyone because it was such an entertaining experience. Filled with amazing characters, great drama and incredible romance, what more could a reader want? Happy reading!
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