Lazuli Moon

Christine DePetrillo
Lazuli Moon
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
December 2010
Book 3 of Jewel of the Night
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance

Jewel of the Night Series

Three people search for the legendary Lazuli Moon in the Valdivian Rain Forest.
Two of them will find a treasure they never expected.
One won't live to see another day.

Archaeologist and professor Dr. Nivia Charu can't let the Lazuli Moon remain hidden forever. With her teaching position threatened and no funds for an expedition, Nivia fears the blue diamond fabled to have healing powers will never be unearthed.

Physician Dr. Benjamin Forrester wants to cure his uncle's cancer. His attempts at manufacturing a remedy, however, have failed. Desperate and out of options, Ben needs a miracle, and Nivia may just hold the key.

Up against a crazed boat captain and ancient curses, Ben and Nivia join forces to seek the Lazuli Moon. What waits for them in the depths of the rain forest will either make them famous or kill them.

(Pages 200) Sensual

Book Review by Arkali (reviewer)
Dec 17, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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An action-packed tale of adventure and romance, Lazuli Moon is a great addition to the Jewel of the Night series. A magical gem, a yummy doctor, a spunky archeologist and a very bad man all combine to make this a real page-turner.

Dr. Ben Forrester is a medical doctor. He's struggling to find a cure for his uncle, who has been diagnosed with cancer. When his research continues to lead to dead ends, he investigates alternative healing practices. After attending a lecture given by Dr. Nivia Charu and hearing about the legend of the Lazuli Moon and its healing properties, he decides to look for it and sets about recruiting the beatiful and exotic Dr. Charu to his cause.

On her part, Nivia has been looking for the fabled Lazuli Moon of the ancient Palol civilization all her life, just as her father did before her. Out of money and out of time, she jumps at the chance to go on an expedition when Ben makes the offer.

Lazuli Moon reads much like an action movie and it has a lot of the same pros and cons. First, the characters, while very fleshed out, are far from unique. Honestly, I don't have a problem with that. I think if you read enough books or watch enough movies you're going to see some repeating themes along the way - especially in a book of this sub-genre. In that regard, Lazuli Moon shines. The story is pretty fast-moving and I was very engaged with what was happening.

Ms. DePetrillo does something interesting with the plot, as well. I didn't categorize this as a suspense or mystery because, frankly, you know right from the beginning who the bad guy is. Ms. DePetrillo occasionally gives us insight into his thoughts and within the first few pages you know exactly what a piece of work the guy is. The question, then, becomes "Will the hero and heroine figure it out... in time?"

For the most part, Ben and Nivia are very smart and make the best out of the situation. I will admit to a moment of frustration though. Nivia does something SO bone-headed that I honestly cussed and was tempted to throw the book. That's not a great idea when you read on a Kindle...

Minor nit-picks aside, I really did enjoy Lazuli Moon. Ben and Nivia are a cute couple and really meshed well together. The setting was interesting, as was the story, and the chemistry between the two doctors was charming. Definitely a good read if you're looking for something quick and more on the light side.
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