A. M. Arthur
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Musa Publishing
Release Date
March 2012
Book 2 of Prodigal
Horror Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

At fifteen, Lee Mitchell and Roman Carmichael are sure their fledgling relationship can survive any heartache or hardship--until a spring canoeing trip ends with Lee in the hospital and Roman missing. With his memories of that final, tragic trip gone, Lee spends the next ten years building a life around the river where he lost Roman, existing on the hope that one day he'll find a clue as the fate of his first love.

During a late March snowstorm, Lee finds a stranger wandering the road and offers him a ride. Lee's shock and confusion at discovering this stranger is Roman, older and confused by his long absence, is fast tempered by relief and joy. But Roman isn't back to stay, and as they work to repair the fractured pieces of their past, the emerging truth of the night Roman disappeared may be the one thing that their enduring love cannot overcome.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Sep 13, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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There's something about a story of a man finding a long lost love that really plucks at the heartstrings. Who can resist the pull of someone coming back to life ten years after he supposedly died, when all hope was lost and the surviving party is reconciled to losing the love of his life?

This is the tale of Lee Mitchell and Roman Carmichael. Separated at the tender age of fifteen, when these young men were only beginning to find both their sexuality and their love for each other. Ten years later, they come together again in a flurry of snowflakes.

Out of the blue, during a snowstorm, Lee sees a man stumbling along the road, hardly dressed for the weather. Lee stops to help the stranger, only to finally realize exactly who he is. Roman is back.

The story alternates between past and present, telling us about the two men's life as boys, their burgeoning realization that they are gay, their friendship and finally, their love affair. It's tender, emotional, telling the story of the prejudices they both faced as young men and the knowledge that they had each other to depend on. Then Roman is snatched away in a cruel accident and things will never be the same.

I enjoyed this paranormal story a lot. I liked the way the two grown men came together, so many years later, to find out more each other as adults. The reason for Roman's disappearance is chilling and the reason he's finally come back from his nightmare is sad and gut-wrenching. Taken by something that wanted him in return for a favour of life-changing consequences, Roman has been paying for it ever since. That's true love.

Well-written, with characters that grip at your heart and a love story that makes everyday problems inconsequential, this is a wonderful read. I did think the ending was wrapped up a little too easily, when perhaps it could have played out a little longer. After all, these guys have had ten years apart and a little more detail around the ending would have been welcomed.

I'd recommend this to anyone who loves a supernatural feel to their romance, and will be reading more from this author.
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