To Kill a Vampire

Julianna Sage
To Kill a Vampire
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
December 2010
Book 1 of Captive Souls
Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Angelica Gentillini's mundane existence is thrown into chaos the night the darkly alluring Erik Kestler abducts her from a Chicago nightclub, claiming he has come to save her life. In a horrific future where humans are near extinction-bred only for food and other unimaginable torment-Vlad, leader of the vampire race, has ordered her execution before she can write her novel, To Kill A Vampire-a book containing secrets to slay the immortal monsters. Can Erik and his handful of underground vampire resistance succeed in keeping Angelica alive?

To save her from the rapidly converging evil legion, Erik plunges her into a nightmare life on the run. During their frantic escape, Angelica sustains a life-threatening vampire wound. Unable to bear losing his great love, Erik transforms her. Struggling to accept her new existence while encountering relentless pursuit, she must face the deadliest secret of all-the surest way to kill a vampire is to break his heart.

Book Review by Eta
Jan 30, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sacrifice is the hardest thing. But to sacrifice for the sake of love is the easiest thing in the world. No matter how much it hurts. And what if fate plays around with the future and lovers became lovers when they never should? What then makes the present and the future?

I have read many books in this subject. Therefore, I expected nothing new. Vampire falls in love with the human, and same old dilemma – is this love worth a soul? So when I started reading TO KILL A VAMPIRE, I'm happy to say I got a lot more than I expected.

This is not the same old vampire story. Yes, the vampires in this book are also so damn sexy, but Juliana Sage went one step further and described vampires from her point of view – humans who are the hosts to demons that are keeping them alive for the sake of their carnal desires. Therefore, when they are feeding, you had better not be near them.

TO KILL A VAMPIRE is the first book in the series Captive Souls. And I really can't wait for the second book. Ms Sage wrote the book in such a way that though there are similarities with other books that are out there, it's also very different from what you would expect.

In the story, the heroine Angelica wrote the book TO KILL A VAMPIRE – but she wrote it in the future. And her fiction-love story became, not just her love story, but also a weapon that will teach humans all over the world how to defend themselves from the monsters. As a result, evil vampires came from the future to kill her to prevent her from writing the book. And the one vampire that came to kill her was the one that became her greatest love – Erik, and the one who could not do it. However, the biggest evil will still hunt her down.

The world building is written in a steady pace. Ms Sage puts an effort to conjure three different worlds – present, Erik's present and the future. And she did it beautifully, clearly separating each chapter with dates as not to confuse the reader about who she is writing about.

The plot is what will keep you breathless and you'll find it hard to put the book down until the very end. It is impossible to know what will happen, you can only guess, and Ms Sage took advantage of every opportunity to surprise you. Yet, the plot just keeps you on the edge, but not too complicated to make you weary.

There are many characters, but do not let them intimidate you. Thanks to the excellent world building, it is very easy to follow characters, even though they're coming and going and constantly changing throughout the book.

The main characters are Angelica and Erik. Angelica was initially presented just like a human being, with all her fears and doubts. At the beginning, she seems so weak, and at some point, I was frustrated with her. She did not seem willing to embrace all the sacrifice and her decisions. However, later on, she found her courage and she made me gasp at her unselfishness and her courage. With all the bad things that happened, she found a little spark of love that made her fight for it and let that love grow into something irreplaceable. And that kept her moving on. She changes a lot and you can easily see her maturing. The Angelica we see at the beginning of the story is not the same person at the end.

You have two Erik's in the book. One from the future – vampire Erik, and one from the present – human Erik. A fine line connects these two characters. Erik from the present is a professor working on a project of time travel. He is a gentle, caring father and a great husband. At some point, his idyll life was broken with nightmares about love and trepidation for an unknown woman in his dreams -- Angelica. A man who is simultaneously struggling to keep his sanity and his family.

In contrast with him, there is Erik from the future. A man that became a vampire not by his own choice. A witness of a cruel death of his wife and two wonderful children. A man from whom has been taken the opportunity of a wonderful life. Because of that, he closed his heart for centuries, to the moment that he read a book that described a love so strong that his own heart started beating again. You can see how Angelica changed him, and you have to love the him in the present and from the future. A very honest man who has accepted love and the second chance that life gave him. It is impossible not to sympathize with him. Ms Sage described her main characters very realistically, emphasizing all of their faults and virtues.

Ian is one of the secondary characters I would like to mention. I really hope that the next book will be about him. The writer did an excellent job describing him. He is a unique man from a different time. Only at the end, you can see how unselfish he was and it made me sad for his faith. A strong man with all the qualities that make him possibly the strongest character, physically and mentally, even compared to Erik.

The only character that did not suit me well was Karen. She was presented like a truly good and caring wife. And it is not about her character – whether she is good or not. She is simply Erik's wife and it bothered me because of Angelica. It felt like Karen was stealing time from them both.

Juliana wrote with a light style that is clear and vivid. With an easy pace and beautifully described world, it is very easy to follow the story and to start living with all characters.

The book not only surprised me, but it also put me on emotional roller coaster -- fear that someone will die, anger over the behavior of some characters, even Angelica and Erik, to the tears at the end. The book left me breathless. Truly a refreshing story with new ideas of the mysterious world of vampires.

And while reading this book, don't forget: you might be truly reading a book that will one day change history.
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BOOK INTERVIEW on April 2011
Julianna, thanks for taking the time to give us a deeper insight into Erik and Angelica.

Q: Please tell us about TO KILL A VAMPIRE.

In TO KILL A VAMPIRE, the vampire Erik Kestler travels back through time to save the woman who has been ordered killed. Vlad, leader of the vampire population, wants her dead before she can write her book "To Kill a Vampire", a book which reveals many secret ways to destroy the demons.

Q: Fascinating! We understand it's book one in the Captive Souls series. What was your inspiration for this series? Please give us a short overall view of the series.

The book started with a dream -- the scene where she whacks a vampire in the head with an axe, and he just pulls it out and starts chasing her with it -- that was my dream. Yeah, I know. Weird.

Q: In TO KILL A VAMPIRE, we are introduced to a completely different kind of vampire. What inspired you to come up with your own take on vampires? What makes them unique from the other vampires in the genre?

My vampires are humans who "share" their bodies with demons, and it is the demon who craves the blood. It is very much a symbiotic. The demon allows the human control, but they share their thoughts and physical sensations. I liked the idea that vampires were redeemable, that a possibility existed that they could return to their human forms.

Q: How has Erik's (the hero) past and experiences shaped him to be the man/vampire that he is?

He's very smart and very passionate about everything in his life. Once he decided to defy the order to kill Angelica, he threw himself into saving her with the same intelligence and commitment that he faced everything in his life.

Q: The book describes two Erik's. Erik, the vampire from the future, and Erik, the human from the past. How was writing that like? How did you manage to keep straight in your head which Erik you're writing about? Which character was more difficult to write? And which Erik do you prefer?

Writing two Erik's was easy on one hand, because I knew them both very well. But it was hard, because I felt bad for what I put them both through. I think Erik the human was hardest to write, because he was more "sensitive" and he had no idea what was about to hit him. I can't decide which one I prefer! I love Erik the family man, but I love the edgy vampire, too.

Q: Please tell us about Angelica and what makes her a sympathetic character.

Angelica had a very promising future with Chicago's violent crimes division before her world collapsed around her in one night. I think she's sympathetic because most people can relate to the helplessness she faces -- that lack of control over her own life.

Q: What part of yourself have you brought into Angelica?

I joke that I live my life vicariously through my female characters. She is the kind of person I hope I would be in the same circumstances.

Q: What makes Angelica perfect for Erik and vice-versa?

They are both lost souls. They both feel unworthy of being loved.

Q: What is your favorite line of exchange or scene between them in the book?

SPOILER ALERT: My favorite scene is when Erik changes Angelica. It completely changes the dynamic of the story.

Q: The complete turnover at the end of the book thrilled me, but I was very sad because of Ian's story. Will we see him more in the next books in the series? Will he have his own book?

The next book in the series is Ian's story! I felt terrible for him.

Q: Can we expect old characters in sequels, especially Erik and Angelica? Or will we be introduced to completely new characters?

Erik and Angelica are in the sequels. They form a council of vampires to fight the rogues in the vampire wars to come.

Q: Is there an overarching arc for the entire series? Please tell us about it.

The rogue vampires band together and form a cult called Church of the Damned, which connects the next several books.

Q: What can we expect next in this series? Please give us a sneak peek.

Ian is a rogue hunter, but he's searching for a book that will exorcise his demon. He meets a girl searching for the same book, but she's not just any girl...

Q: What can fans expect from you in the coming months?

My next book, FATE OF THE FALLEN, is coming out in April with Mundania Press. It's an urban fantasy starring Eva Dantanian, a half fallen angel, half goddess demon slayer, who works for her family's company, The Demon Management Agency.

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